Usa Online Casinos Are The New Era For Gambling 2.0

Sure, cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and even Biloxi have the bright lights with glowing neon signs to lure you into their establishments however, online gambling casinos have brought forth a new era in gaming which should be considered “Gambling 2.0”.


As the cost of airline travel increases to Las Vegas and Atlantic City it has become easier now more than ever to get your gambling fix. You don’t even have to leave your house. As the cost of computers has decreased and internet speeds have increased, USA online casinos are seeing a rise in participation.

Ease of Play

If you have an xbox, playstation, or even a wii you could easily learn to use the software needed to play online. There is no fee to get the software. You download it for free. It even simulates the sounds of the slot machines if you so desire. It has the look and feel of being inside a casino. Many of them have free online tutorials that show you how to play.


Anybody that’s been to Vegas knows that each casino has a gimmick or theme. When you go inside they’ll ask you to join their frequent player program. You’ll earn points or credits towards hotel stays, free food, and/or gifts. They might even give you a memento or t-shirt just to sign up. Whereas any online casino will provide you with a bonus incentive to play. Depending on the amount you deposit would determine the bonus dollar offered. These bonuses could be as much as $1000! It pays to research to get the most bang for your buck. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a bonus incentive than a t-shirt.

Price of Alcohol

This is another tactic used when you don’t play online. Yes, you can get free liquor but the glasses are extremely small and you don’t get them as often as one would think. Like it or not this is simply another cheap trick or gimmick. Unless you are what is considered a “big baller,” the waitresses more than likely won’t make the rounds to you that often. Besides, who wants their senses dulled while they’re gambling anyway? And you and I both know the liquor isn’t top shelf.

Rules and Regulations

There might be some people that aren’t keen on the particular rules for the bonus incentives. But considering the amounts that they are offering there are bound to be some stipulations for the large dollar amounts you could win. They want to ensure that you are an actual player and not a scammer. USA online casinos want to build a relationship with you. After you’ve completed one bonus incentive (whether you’ve won or lost) they’ll usually offer another.