The gaming industry in Finland is booming!

The gaming industry – not from a player/customer – but from video game studios and developers grew to a $3 Billion industry in Finland in 2020.

That’s enough to make any gamer – and businessman – sit up and take notice of this tiny European nation. If you’re searching for the latest gaming equipment to play – or video game studios and developers based in Finland – browse the different businesses on peer review platforms such as You’ll come across Gamekit and learn about this business, its policies, products, and customer support programs so you can make a better-informed shopping decision.

With growth of nine percent (9%) in 2020 alone, the gaming industry in Finland is raking in massive revenues. That will most likely underpin the future growth of this market, too. When reading up on how and why Finland is racing to the top of the gaming industry tables, we discovered that 46 studios earned more than $1 million in turnover last year. That’s an incredible statistic.

Finland is home to some 200 game studios employing about 3,600 people. This is projected to increase by another 1,000 people in 2022.

The focus of the Finnish gaming industry has largely been on mobile gaming and free-to-play games. If you’ve ever played Angry Bird, Clash of Clans, Alan Wake: you’ve played a game developed and built in Finland.

What makes Finland such a rich country in games development? One of the reasons is that their universities offer courses and programs in game development that attracts students. This is a way to bring in more school children to university, However, the Finnish government and universities have created an infrastructure to take this situation to the next level: students progress from university classrooms and into offices of tech giants such as Nokia, AMD, Nvidia, Ubisoft, and more. These tech giants all have offices in Finland with internships on offer to the best and brightest students.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also altered the way in which the gaming industry is set up. While remote working isn’t ideal for creative talents, what it has facilitated is a connected hub. Talented people are now more provided more access to engage with other developers, thus pushing their work to a higher level of quality and creativity.

What is the next big thing in the gaming industry in Finland? Just about every studio is fervently designing and coding mobile games and mobile free-to-play games such as Clash of Clans and Angry Birds. Those games provide the platforms for companies to reach millions of customers – and a way in which to earn revenue through in-app purchases, merchandize, and more. Finland is currently the leader in this space – and their talent pool is growing with each new graduation class from their universities. It looks like Finland wants world domination of the gaming industry.

The world is moving from consoles and PC games to mobile games as our smartphones improve in capabilities and increase in quality. Looking back just 10 years ago, the quality of mobile games has leapt forward at an unprecedented pace. What will the next 10 years hold? I bet the Finnish know.