How To Judge Whether Chess Sets Are Worth Their Price Quality, Material, Theme And Size

Regardless of whether you need a chess set for professional playing or you simply want it for your own pleasure, the choice can very demanding if you want to buy a quality product. There are several coordinates on which to judge whether chess sets are worth the price: quality, material, theme and size. Regular chess sets are pre-selected, meaning that the pieces and the chessboard are already coupled together in the set when you go to purchase it. Or there is another possibility here: that you get to pick the pieces individually and the matching chessboard in order to create personalized chess sets.

If classical chess sets may seem a little bit dull to you, there are always theme chess sets to choose from; such models work great for children as they stimulate imagination and make the game even more entertaining and challenging. Mythological figures for pieces would work great for the matter or if you buy the gift for someone older you could choose from historical representations of various warlike nations in the history. There are even chess sets with the Civil War figures represented on the chessboard; so, you’ll stimulate your child’s intelligence and also give him / her a history lesson as well.

In terms of quality materials used in the manufacturing of chess sets, wood items are the most appreciated. In the top of the list we need to mention the chess sets made of mahogany as being the most exquisite, but also the most expensive ones too, being closely followed by ebony and rosewood items. As for boards, the preference goes for those made of quality materials, since not only do they look great but they also meet high quality standards too. Furthermore, personalized chess sets are usually ordered by chess clubs and institutions that organize competitions on a regional, national or even international level.

It is not uncommon to come across chess sets that use mix materials for pieces and boards: for instance wood matches with metal pieces as well, without the least unaesthetic risk. Leatherette boards can be matched with metal pieces in some more special chess sets as well. Moreover, the material is not the only one to influence the price of chess sets; size also has an important word to say; the standard way of determining the diameter of the board is by multiplying the size of the king by 1.33. Sometimes, chessboards may be a bit larger but the dimension is never set below this value.

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Why Battle Chess Remains Highly Popular And Almost Unparalleled In The Field

The adaptation of the traditional games to the computer dimension has been a gradual process that has finally led to the creation of great interactive play opportunities. This is the case of battle chess, a computer game that combines the beauty and intricacy of classical chess with the complexity of new technological achievements.

The chess pieces are animated and they battle against each other; the game is the creation of Commodore Amiga and was designed to be used on Apple Macintosh. The designers took the four part of the Star Wars series as a source of inspiration, as there is a scene where chess pieces come alive. For anyone new to battle chess, there are illustrative and detailed introductions explaining piece movement.

A new audience was targeted with the invention of battle chess: computer fans. The game has spicy and thrilling features that will definitely challenge anyone who tries it; there is quite a bit of violence included in the battle scenes, which shows that classical games function well for the new virtual space where new twists involve macho-specificity.

For instance, in battle chess, rooks turn into monsters, pawns are crashed and more. Though some may label it as brutal, this game is definitely a new approach to chess. After its appearance and immediate success, there were several other animated attempts to imitate it; nevertheless, battle chess remained unique.

The classical black and white colors in the game are replaced by blue and red in battle chess, and there is no board rotation whichever side you may choose; thus sometimes you’ll play downwards and some other times upwards. Considered as one of the limitations of battle chess, this inadequacy didn’t prevent the huge success of the Chinese version of the game.

Chinese battle chess actually combined the features of this specific Asian games with excellent animations; no game is identical with the other since every battle is unique and ingenious in its own way. A good example of a successful move is when the king uses its royal staff like a baseball bat and launches a bomb towards a knight.

Though it was launched in the early 90s, battle chess remains highly popular and almost unparalleled in the field. Even if you were a chess champion, this game still has got plenty to offer in terms of challenges and entertainment; have a look at the faces of the figures and you’ll see for yourself that the limitations of the first computer chess games are long gone.

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All The Chess Pieces Create A Complex Puzzle That You Design

Players who achieve the most impressive results know that chess pieces work in a specific relationship, they rely on each other for protection and only together they can bring victory. Chess pieces are like troops, they go where you command and the victory or the failure depends on your skills and ability to coordinate and build strategies. From the very simple paws to the harmless, yet most important king, all the chess pieces create a complex puzzle that you design. The very basic organization principle is a pyramidal one: the king is the center of the game and its weak spot too: get the king and the game is over!

The pawns make the first line of defense, they are the chess pieces primarily used in the opening of the game when the players are trying to create a defense as strong as possible for the king, an action which is basically known as castling. Pawns are essential during the first part of the game when the main defense or offense is settled; however, don’t rely exclusively on pawns for the protection of the king as they are chess pieces with limited functions on the board and they can be easily eliminated. Most books, Internet sites or chess manuals recommend that pawns in combination with rooks and bishops be used in the immediate vicinity of the king.

The queen is probably the most valuable of the active chess pieces, it is both powerful and easy to move on the board; hence, it is widely used for both offense and defense depending on the strategy you imagine. There are players who create treacherous situations using their queen in association with some other chess pieces so that the opponent be tempted to eliminate this top element, while exposing one of their own strategic pieces. Therefore, always check well before making any move against a queen, you’ve got to be sure that it is defenseless or that the sacrifice you make is worth it.

A very special position among the chess pieces is also occupied by rooks that play a distinguished role in the castling move together with the king. They are considered very influential pieces in the battle to checkmate, being just as useful for attack as they are for defense. The main goal one may achieve with the help of this piece is that of having control over a wide range of squares related perpendicularly or horizontally to the rook. Together with the knights and the bishops, the rooks remain top pieces in the chess challenge.

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How A Chess Tutorial Can Elevate Your Game To Unprecedented Levels

Among the most advanced means of learning how to play chess, the use of a chess tutorial may be the most appealing one, as it includes step by step all the stages one needs to go through in order to get the main skills required by the game. You can decide what kind of chess tutorial to use by taking a look at the varied offer available online: a huge number of sites provide free assistance and lessons to anyone interested in chess. One may however wonder why there is no fee charged to users. The answer lies in the fact that the existence of a chess tutorials increases traffic, and what is the most important thing web pages need? Visitors!

More than basic knowledge, a chess tutorial actually teaches you how to win a game by paying attention to every move you make. From the opening to the end of the game, you have to possess all the skills necessary to create a defense or an offense strategy. Any chess tutorial will explain the importance of a correct opening in detail; however, it is not advisable that you memorize the moves. What a beginner actually has got to do is to understand how to be imaginative and witty from the very first move. This is the time when the player starts to get an advantage and develops a comfortable game.

Sometimes, it is incorrect to think that chess tutorials aim only at beginners, actually, there is something new to learn at all levels, and the tips and strategies found online can very well work for professional players as well. Furthermore, a chess tutorial is a great helping hand for coaches and parents who are interested in training programs for kids and students; the schemes and special tips for moves can be practiced both at home and in class enabling beginners to develop chess skills in a short period of time.

Though they use paper support as well, most chess tutorials are designed to be used on the computer; usually the best recommendation goes towards a chess tutorial that has an online variant too. Some of the most advanced models allow a thorough performance analysis with the evaluation of the weak points and strong points at the end of the lesson. Such special software can be downloaded directly from Internet web pages either for free or for a small fee that is charged right away. News about a chess tutorial updates are often sent via email, which is why it is a good idea to subscribe to professional sites and receive periodical news letters.

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Why Internet Chess Is Much More Appreciated Than The Traditional Game

With the overwhelming popularity the Internet has achieved over the last two decades, one can easily expect to be able to perform almost all sorts of operations in the virtual space. Besides the use of this international platform for business purposes, interactive games and virtual sports are probably the most looked for activities online. Classical games like cards, chess, pool and so on, presently enjoy online features that appeal to a wider range of users; thus internet chess, for instance, is much more appreciated than the traditional game. There are major differences between internet chess and classical chess; they don’t consist in the rules of the game but in the quality of the display and its general appeal.

The great advantage of internet chess is that it opens the door to great graphics. Instead of the black and white pieces we are used to in the classic form of the game, players are now using colorful troops that move, make faces and cry in battle. Even the chess boards have changed in internet chess; though the pattern may be the same, the virtual space has a lot wider range of choices to offer. Some internet chess pages offer the possibility to switch sides of the chess board and to look over it from different angles in advanced perspective modes.

Many fans of internet chess are active members with subscriptions on their favorite sites. Though the first computer chess games were high in demand and extremely popular, they seemed to fade away with the appearance of the interactive type of involvement. In internet chess you don’t play against the computer, but you compete with people from the other end of the world that share the same hobby with you. There are tops and contests organized on web pages dedicated to internet chess; very active members with lots of victories become the reference points on such sites where you find challenges for every level.

Furthermore, internet chess sites usually provide useful tips for developing valid game strategies. The forum sections could be equally interesting or entertaining since dedicated players exchange opinions concerning various difficult moves or discuss competitions of international importance. Some internet chess web pages provide a specific feature of news spreading via email; since the site depends on traffic, it has all the interest in keeping you visiting them again. By subscribing to newsletters, you’ll receive periodical updates concerning the various activities on the site as well as useful information for improving your chess skills.

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