Family Options In Atlantic City

Although Atlantic City’s gambling options are known throughout the country, this overshadows the wealth of opportunities for a Atlantic City family vacation. In addition to the casinos, the city offers visitors many things to do that are not associated with gambling. Many of these are kid-friendly and can make a trip to Atlantic City something the whole family can enjoy.

The Beach and Boardwalk Area
Firstly, there is the Boardwalk and the beach. The Boardwalk stretches over four miles and offers visitors a plethora of entertainment options. Tourists can zip up and down the Boardwalk in rickshaws that are taxis, but with one major difference. They are powered by people. This can be a great way to take a relaxing ride and watch the sunset. Also, there are many carnival games and video arcades to keep children happy. These carnival games feature real prizes that can be won. In addition, shops on the Boardwalk specialize in salt water taffy, a sugary delicacy local to the region. Across the street from the Boardwalk’s intersection with Virginia Avenue, there is even an amusement park featuring roller coasters and other rides. All these Boardwalk options ignore the most obvious activity. The Atlantic Ocean lies just meters away and visitors will find easy access from the Boardwalk. The beach is a great place for a family to enjoy themselves. Children can play and swim while parents can sunbathe on the golden sands.

All Types of Ocean Life
But the Boardwalk and the beach are not the only family options. One museum that garners lots of attention is the OceanLife Center, a display of ocean creatures with many large aquariums. This place can be both entertaining and educational as children can learn about the many different types of fish and other aquatic creatures found in the ocean. Parents too will be surprised at the array of different species of ocean life. Another option for exploring life on the ocean can be found just a short ride away at Tuckerton Seaport. This attraction also examines life on the ocean, but from a human perspective. The Tuckerton Seaport has lighthouses and museums that illuminate what it is like to live life as a sailor. With the lighthouses still in operations, visitors can learn exactly how they function and the vital role they play to ships on the ocean. In addition, the museums give insight into the various professions that thrive on the ocean. Fishermen, whalers, and rescue personnel all play a part in the human ecosystem that makes full use of the ocean’s benefits.

Atlantic City should not be thought of as only a casino destination, but as a place to bring the whole family as well. The many entertainment options can keep both parents and children busy for a long time. The previously mentioned activities are only a small smattering of the possibilities available to tourists. The town of Atlantic City is actively pursuing more and more family options, hoping to increase awareness of the city as a vacation area with much more than just gambling.