Cruise Ship Gambling Oceans Of Fun

Lifes a gamble. But for some of us, the ordinary risks we face each day dont offer enough excitement, so we love to indulge in some extra gambling for fun (and, hopefully, for profit.) Buying a weekly lottery ticket is enough satisfy many of us, but millions of others prefer neon and noise with their gambling. For them, there are casinos.

While Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are the two cities best known for their casinos, casinos have begun to crop up all over the United States. Even so, the cost of getting to a casino, and paying for lodging and meals during your stay, may be more than youre willing to pay. But what if you could have a casino vacation which included the cost of your transportation, your lodgings, and your mealsand by meals, we mean five-star cuisine served at any time of the day or night?

If that sounds like just the ticket, you should book your next vacation on a cruise ship. While most people dont take cruises solely for the opportunity to gamble, those who do love thee cruise ship casinos. Delightfully laid-back compared to their noisy, crowded Las Vegas counterparts, their more relaxed atmosphere is due in large part to the well-trained and friendly dealers who are more than willing to educate passengers on the nuances of table games.

Most cruise ship casino dealers are, in fact, British or European, and simply more civilized than land-based dealers who are under pressure to get as much money out of each player as possible.

One thing you wont get in a cruise ship casino, however, is free alcohol. The casino on your ship doesnt need to entice you to play with drinks, because its the only casino available. So while youre certainly welcome to imbibe as you play, whatever you drink will be charged to your onboard account.

Your cruise ship will post the hours when the casino is open, and it wont be open when youre in port. Cruise ship casinos can operate only in international waters, but during your at sea days, youll probably be able to gamble between 11:00 AM and 2:00 or 3:00 AM.

Many cruise ships have gaming lessons for their gambling wannabes. The casino staff will, for a small fee, teach you some professional gaming tips before you actually try your luck at the tables. Youll be able to play all the classic table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Poker. Your cruise ship casino will have sot machines in abundance, video poker, and for the less sophisticated gambler, lots and lots of Bingo. The Bingo tournaments are usually held during the afternoon.

One of the silliest, yet most popular, forms of cruise ship gambling is shipboard horse racing. The cruise ships dont have Off-track Betting, so they offer in its place a game in which players move horses mounted on poles around a track. The distance of each move is determined by a roll of the dice. The final day of your cruise will be the culmination of the shipboard horse racing, when passengers are allowed to buy their horses for a set fee, usually $100, and race for a pot of the entire sales proceeds. Horse owning passengers will go all out, naming their steeds and even costuming them. Some cruise ships take 10% of the final pot and award it to the owner of the most cleverly dressed horse.

One more aspect of cruise gambling is that many ports-of-call for popular cruise lines offer onshore gambling in some of the worlds most breathtaking locales. Nassau and Paradise Island in the Bahamas are just two examples of cruise ship gambling locales where your real payoff will be in enjoying the scenery!

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The IRS Tax On Gambling

If you gamble in the United States at a legal casino and win, then chances are that you are going to pay the US gambling tax. If you win more than $1200 at any casino, the casino will withhold 30 percent of the money that you won for the US gambling tax. This is done to make sure that you declare your winnings on your income tax statement. You will get a win slip that is filed with the IRS to make sure that they know that you have already paid your taxes for this income. However, those who are not US citizens may be entitled to receive US tax recovery. As they may have to pay taxes on their income in their own country, US tax recovery allows them to recover the taxes that they won at the casino and were paid to the IRS so that they are not paying on their winnings twice.

US tax recovery can be a long and complicated process, especially for those who are not familiar with the workings of the IRS who now have the money that was withheld from the casino. In order to get the money back from the IRS, you need to seek out a company that will help you with the US tax recovery. You can get back US gambling tax if you are a legal resident of another country and are not a citizen of the United States. You have to complete various forms for this process as well as provide adequate documentation about the taxes that were withheld as well as your own residency proof. You will also have to show why you were in the United States. All of this information aids in US tax recovery.

There is a time limit as to how long you can get a refund on your US gambling tax. After a few years, you will not be eligible for US tax recovery, so it is best to act as soon as possible to get this money that is due to you. Your best option is to use a service that will help you retrieve your US gambling tax from the IRS. They will be familiar with the forms that you need, be able to help you provide the right documentation, and will also be able to get the win slip that states how much you paid in your US gambling tax. You stand a far better chance at obtaining US tax recovery from your gambling winnings if you use a service than if you attempt to do this on your own. You may find that the process is frustrating, that you fill out the wrong forms and may be continually asked for information. If you are from another country and are a legal resident of that country and won money at a casino in the United States and had US gambling tax withheld, you may be eligible for US tax recovery for those gambling winnings. As the amount of tax is thirty percent of your winnings, it is well worth your time to seek out a company that can help you with this process and get this money back from the IRS.

Resource: If you gamble in the US but are not a citizen, you may be eligible for US tax recovery. You may be able to get the US gambling tax that was withheld from your winnings back from the IRS if you visit US Tax Recovery.

European Roulette Vs. American Roulette The Main Differences

No casino game is more popular around the world than roulette. It originates from Europe (specifically from France) and little by little it began to creep across the Atlantic Ocean into the Americas. European roulette was the first version of the game, and its actually still the most commonly played version of roulette today. The most commonly played version of roulette in the biggest sole gambling market in the world however United States is American roulette. This article aims to explain the difference between the two.

European Roulette Explained
European Roulette, also known as French Roulette, is your standard version of roulette. The playing field consists of a roulette wheel, a roulette ball, a large table, and a dealer (which is called a croupier in European Roulette). The numbers in this European style roulette range from 1-36, with 0 as a number .The colours that are available are red and black. There are the same amount of red numbers as there are black numbers. The single zero slot is the slot where the 0 is. The zero slot is what gives the house a slight advantage in the game (a 2.7% advantage over players to be exact).

American Roulette Explained
American roulette was essentially made when casinos in gold rush towns in the west saw the wealthier Europeans making money from playing roulette. Roulette was a great success among gold rush towns and western pioneers loved the game.

American Roulette and European Roulette are played in very much the same way. They have the same table, ball, and standard rules, but the wheels are slightly different. In American Roulette a 00 or double zero slot is added to give the house even more of an advantage, as opposed to European Roulettes only single 0 slot. The difference makes European Roulette much more profitable for regular players to play, because essentially the only person making more money from American Roulette is the casino.

Which Type of Roulette You Should Play
European Roulette is without a doubt the best option when choosing which type of roulette to play. Youll be able to win much more money with the 2.7% house advantage, compared to the 5.29% house advantage American Roulette gives. It really makes no sense why you would play American Roulette if you were given the option between the two types of roulette. More money, less losses, more fun, and more winning; European Roulette is the way to go to cut your losses.
You can play find places to play both European and American roulette with real live dealers at live roulette today.

Now You Can Buy Mega Million Tickets Online

Did you know you can play Mega Millions online? Now you don’t have to go to the corner store to buy your Mega Millions ticket. Mega Millions is a popular lottery that is played in most states in the US, and is now available to be played online. No more missing draws because you forgot to make it to the corner store. This has been a long time coming and many people are happy you can now play Mega Millions online.

Back in 2009, the Multi State Lottery Association and the folks at Mega Millions agreed to allow the cross sale of not only Mega Millions, but Powerball as well, lottery tickets in participating United States lottery jurisdictions. Both Mega Millions and Powerball are known for their huge jackpots, so it’s no wonder tickets are now available for purchase online. The record for a single lottery ticket is $315 million! Back in 2005 a group of people who purchased a lottery ticket won this jackpot and decided to get paid out the lump sum of $175 million. There’s a real good chance that your life would be changed forever winning the lottery.

So many people play the lottery these days. Recent articles have suggested that lottery tickets have become one of a few things that people buy habitually, and why not? When a jackpot reaches $40 or $50 million, why not buy a 5 dollar ticket? You have as good a chance of winning as anybody else. And just imagine how the money could change your life. You could pay off your mortgage and car, help your kids through college or help your family or friends. There are so many stories of how peoples life have changed because they’ve won the lottery, whether it’s a couple of million or hundreds of millions.

Many lottery experts believe that being able to buy lottery tickets over the internet is the wave of the future. You can pick your own numbers or you can do quick picks. You can buy tickets for the next draw, or purchase tickets for the next 5 draws if you like. The options available to you playing online are very extensive, and you won’t miss a draw if you forget to go to the store because of the options available to you.
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Austin Texas Internet Marketing Ads To Succeed

The Internet has changed business in ways no one would have ever imagined before the 1990s. Providing a platform for promoting and selling services and goods, the Internet makes it possible for millions of new individuals and companies to enter the electronic marketplace. People who are hundreds of miles from the nearest town can do business in a dozen languages, all over the world.

The good thing is that the Internet is a great marketing tool for large or small businesses and individuals. With a good website you can successfully promote your services or goods for sale. The right training and skills and you will be well on you way to making a great profit with Internet sales. .

Internet Marketing is beneficial for manufacturing industries, educational institutions, coaching centers, cosmetic stores, pet shops and many other businesses. Almost every person has access to the Internet today; thanks to the technological advancements related to the Internet. There are millions of people who buy/sell commodities using the Internet.

Once upon a time, you could promote your business through newspaper advertisements and commercials on television and radio. Now, if you leave the Internet out of your plan, you’re losing out on a vital marketing resource. Internet marketing is more efficient than these other methods, and you open up the ability to compete with the Internet business that are springing up everywhere.

Aeronautics and energy are two specializations of the State of Texas. Having the second largest economy in the whole United States, the capital, Austin, is well known for high tech and multinational business. Austin is also known as the Silicon Hills. This is no wonder, because Austin Texas internet marketing is quite popular, even outside of texas.

Austin Texas Internet marketing is a great tool for your business in the Austin area. The right Austin Texas Internet advertising company can help your company improve its profits. They will lead people to your Internet site. Austin Texas search engine optimization techniques will help in this respect. The Internet has many Austin Texas Internet marketing firms that are available by searching for them. Local newspapers also contain ads for Austin Texas Internet marketing companies.

There is no place on this earth that has remained untouched from the field of electronic commerce. Internet has brought a sea change in the ways the business was done earlier. A single individual or any organization can use it to market its products and services. If you want to succeed in the field of business in Austin, then you must consider using “Austin Texas Internet marketing” techniques. There are many “Austin Texas Internet advertising” firms which can be of great help for your business. To generate more and more traffic to your web site, you can take help of “Austin Texas search engine optimization” services.