How To Find A Great Betting Website Like Bet365

The main problem that online betters face when it comes to selecting a betting website is just that — selecting a betting website! With so many options available to online betters this process can become quite tedious. All websites of this type generally claim to be the best and to offer the best odds. That is why you must be very careful when selecting one of these types of websites to do business with. For every great betting website out there like Bet365, there are hordes of other betting websites that simply have a poor reputation or that actually rip off their customers.

If you truly value your money and only want to deal with the very best and most professional betting websites out there, then you must seriously take your time when choosing such a website and must compare them one to another. That way you can be certain to find an excellent betting website like Bet365, while being certain to avoid those online betting websites that will simply take your money or that will offer the very lowest odds possible.

The good news is that the process of finding an exceptional online betting website doesnt have to be difficult. There are numerous things that you can do and can consider doing in order to ensure that you are making the very best choice possible.

The one thing that you want to keep an eye on is the reputation of each betting website that you have on your mind to join. Not all gambling websites do what they claim to do or offer the types of payouts that they insist that they do. That is why you must be diligent in investigating these websites to ensure that you are only dealing with the very best and most professional websites of their kind.

Consumer reviews are a great asset that you can make use of in order to learn more about these companies and in order to determine which ones are the very best. If a high volume of consumers state that a website of this type is fraudulent then you may want to turn the other direction immediately.

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They are a reputable online resource that has more features than their biggest competitors. In fact they are one of the only websites of their type that actually offers a TV guide.

Dont waste your time with other like websites. Immediately turn to the expert services of Betxpert to get what you want when you want it so that you can quickly get on your way to making the most money possible from placing online bets.

Nightlife In Santiago, The Dominican Republic

Whenever you choose to travel to Santiago you can always spend exotic and extravagant nights in the clubs the city is renowned for. As you walk out of the main district, you will enter an area with plenty of entertainment venues that offer great quality nightly fun. You can choose to spend a pleasant evening in one of the many restaurants or hang out in bars and nightclubs until morning. While there are nightclubs that are well known by tourists there are plenty of others that you may know nothing about.

For instance, if you do not want to frequent the same places as the other tourists you can always try the district where middle class locals gather to hang out and have fun. This place is rich in bars and eateries and the area has a very good reputation along with a low criminality rate. Here, you will be able to experience the wonderful Dominican cuisine or enjoy the local entertainers that play traditional Caribbean music.

As in many other South American countries, criminality can be quite a problem. Once you arrive in Santiago you should pay a visit to the tourist center and ask them which areas should be safe for touring. There are many neighborhoods that are considered dangerous so you will want to stay away from them and just stick to places recommended by local authorities. If you travel to Santiago it would not hurt to get an update on such information as the list of safe places for tourists undergo changes from time to time.

Santiago is known for its great nightlife as many clubs, bars, and dining places stay open through the night. If you are over 18 you can drink alcohol, and gamble as this is the legal age stated by law. However, do not look surprised when you see local teenagers drinking or gambling as this is not unusual. Still, you should not get involved in illegal activities nor should you convince underage tourists to do that as the fines for drinking or gambling underage are penalized with pretty hefty fines.

If you are interested in going to Santiago there are a few places that you do not want to miss.

The Fracifol Bar is an upscale bar located in Santiago that draws a classy clientele. Make sure that you have plenty of money in your pockets as the drinks here can cost quite a lot. For instance, a bottle of beer can cost up to $9 and cocktails and other beverages are even more expensive. Also, this is the place to be if you like baseball as sporting events are displayed on the TV screens all the time.

Another great night club in Santiago is the Shakabana Club where tourists often meet. Be aware that this club caters to the younger crowd and the music played includes a large variety of genres.

Avoid The Top 5 Relationship Killers

As a relationship counselor, I am constantly being asked why so many relationships fail. In the 37 years that I have worked with couples, I have discovered five major relationship killers:


Most people enter a relationship with a deep fear of rejection, and this fear motivates various forms of controlling behavior. Controlling behavior falls into two major categories – overt control and covert control.

Overt control includes many forms of attack, such as blaming anger, rage, violence, judgment, criticism and ridicule.

Covert control includes compliance, enabling, withdrawal, defending, explaining, lying and denying. Often a person at the other end of attack will respond with some form of covert control in an attempt to have control over not being attacked.

Controlling behavior always results in resentment and emotional distance, bringing about the very rejection that it is meant to avoid.


Many people enter a relationship with a deep fear of being engulfed and controlled – of losing themselves. The moment they experience their partner wanting control over them, they respond with resistance – withdrawal, unconsciousness, numbness, forgetfulness, and procrastination.

When one partner is controlling and the other is resistant – which is really an attempt to have control over not being controlled – the relationship becomes immobilized. Partners in this relationship system feel frustrated, stagnant, and resentful.


Many people enter a relationship believing that it is their partner’s job to fill their emptiness, take away their aloneness, and make them feel good about themselves. When people have not learned how to take responsibility for their own feelings and needs, and to define their own self-worth, they may pull on their partner and others to fill them with the love they need.


Most people who feel empty inside turn to substance and process addictions in an attempt to fill their emptiness and take away the pain of their aloneness and loneliness. Alcohol and drug abuse, food, spending, gambling, busyness, Internet sex and pornography, affairs, work, TV, accumulating things, beautifying, and so on, can all be used as ways to fill emptiness and avoid fears of failure, inadequacy, rejection and engulfment. And they are all ways of shutting out your partner.


Many people are acutely aware of what their partner is doing that is causing relationship problems, but completely unaware of what they are doing. For example, you might be very aware of your partner’s resistance or withdrawal, but totally unaware of your own judgmental behavior. You might be very aware of your partner’s anger, but completely unaware of your own compliance. You might be very aware of your partner’s addictive behavior, but very unaware of your own enabling. As long as your eyes are on your partner instead of on yourself, you will continue to believe that if only your partner changed, everything would be okay.


All relationship killers come from fear – of inadequacy, of failure, of rejection and of engulfment. As long as you are coming from any of these fears, you will be behaving in one or more of the above ways.

The way out is to develop a loving adult self who knows how to take full responsibility for your own feelings and needs. You will move beyond controlling, needy and addictive behavior only when you learn how to fill your self with love and define your own inner worth. When you are willing to take your eyes off your partner’s plate and turn your eyes fully on yourself, you can begin to do the inner healing work necessary to heal yourself and your relationship.

A good place to start is to download our free Inner Bonding course and begin to practice the Six Steps of Inner Bonding. The daily practice of these steps will move you out of your addictive and controlling behavior and into the personal responsibility necessary to heal your relationship.

How To Watch Britishusa German Tv Abroad On The Internet

VPN, or Virtual Private Networks, are networks that make use of the internet to offer secure access to a network. What it does is summarize transfers of data between two (or more) networked devices so that the data that is transferred can remain private. VPN is therefore an ideal platform for viewing international television.

When using a VPN with an internet TV channel provider, a wide variety of different television channels from the US, UK and Canada are accessible online which were previously only available to residents of that country. It allows for expatriates globally to watch broadcasts from their computers via the internet. This is a very unique and equally useful system. And here’s why:

There are several types of VPNs, some of which include PPTP VPN (point-to-point), which is a simple method of software-based VPN systems which make use of an already existing internet connection. It essentially creates a “tunnel” between two users. Similarly, STS (site to-site) VPN makes use of each site with its own internet connection, which doesn’t necessarily have to be the same. MPLS is an IPS-tuned VPN that needs two or more sites connected by the same ISP. It stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching. Some VPNs are hardware-based, others software-based, and certain VPNs are Firewall-based.

How a VPN works is as follows: only a personal computer and internet connection can be used. An account must then be opened with an internet TV channel provider, and within minutes, the VPN can be activated. This system allows for access to the internet without any restrictions or circumventing blocks that make it difficult to make international calls via Skype or MSN, and eliminates internet censorship in places like the Middle East, Dubai and China by making previously blocked and censored channels, web sites and blogs available.

To set up a VPN, all you need to do is connect to the internet, then sign up with a VPN television service provider. It’s that easy! You don’t need to be an IT technician to enable this; all you need is a quality internet TV provider and a working internet connection.

Advantages of having a VPN service include access to UK, US and Canadian TV channels; wireless hotspot security, complete anonymity, accessing previously blocked sites or services, and being able to access online gambling sites.

All that said, however, perhaps the biggest advantage of having a VPN is the fact that it is far more cost-effective, as it eliminates several costs, not the least of which is the cost incurred by people being able to track your IP address and follow you. Long-distance phone charges are also eliminated

How to Watch British/USA German TV Abroad on the Internet

Technology is changing fast and one of the latest innovations is the availability of TV over the internet. For people living abroad or frequent travelers, this means fast, easy and virtually free access to favorite TV channels that would otherwise only be available through costly satellite subscriptions, not to mention an expensive hardware installation.

This article shows how people living abroad can watch live or recorded TV over the internet in the comfort of their own home for very little cost.
TV on Broadband Internet

Broadband internet is now available worldwide either through the telephone network, a wireless solution or even via satellite for those in remote locations. With fast download speeds, broadband offers more than just the ability to surf the net faster; it can also be used to watch TV on a PC.

There are a number of ways to access favorite TV channels on a PC including free or very cheap software downloads, paid subscription to live TV streaming online or by setting up a more complex free private network internet service provider (ISP) address to view channels as if still based in the UK.
Free Digital TV on Your PC

Here are the current options for watching digital British TV when living or travelling abroad:

* Watch British/USA/German TV channels for free using a virtual private network (VPN) internet address. This allows access to things like the BBC’s iPlayer that is only available to UK residents or Hulu avilable to USA residents. For just 4.95 per month, people living abroad can sign up for a VPN to -cloak- a foreign ISP address to make it look like it is actually a UK/Germany/USA based ISP address.

Do a PC Speed Check

Before signing up to any package offering TV over the internet, it’s critical to check the speed of the local broadband connection. It must be at least 1 MB (mega byte) at all times which really means that most users need a connection speed between 1.5 and 2 MB to guarantee live TV streaming without any interruptions.

At peak times, download speeds usually slow down due to the volume of people using the internet and, as live TV on a PC requires a minimum speed of 1 MB, if 1 MB is the maximum speed, then it can drop as low as 0.5 MB when everyone is trying to download the same thing.

Save Money Watching TV on Computer

Watching TV on the internet is the best way to save money versus installing an expensive satellite solution to see favorite channels abroad; it can even be done for free using a virtual private network. Just be sure to check the local broadband speed first to guarantee uninterrupted viewing or upgrade to a faster broadband solution.

Breaking News Advertising is Dead!

Don’t agree?

Please ask your wife, husband or significant other-in other words, the nearest typical consumer-to answer the following 7 questions:

1.Does viewing pop-up ads on your computer curl your toes in orgasmic delight? Yes or No?
2.Does a mailbox filled with junk mail cause your palms to itch and sweat with nervous anticipation? Yes or No?
3.Do you suffer from outbursts of violent anger when a TV commercial is interrupted by a TV movie? Yes or No?
4.Do you prance around the parking lot with ecstatic abandon whenever you find a flyer on your car’s windshield? Yes or No?
5.Does keeping a phone next to your soup spoon on your dinner table (for fear of missing the next telemarketer’s call) help your digestion? Yes or No?
6.Do you drink pots of black coffee at 10 pm so you can stay awake to watch 30-minute infomercials at 4 am? Yes or No?
7.Do you drool at the thought of spending $300 on an iPhone just so you can see interactive ads on its big, cool screen? Yes or No?

Have I made my point? Yes or No?

Advertising is dead. If you’re a marketer… save your money.

Consumers have been over-advertised to and over-sold.

Unless you’re conducting a white sale, fire sale or going out of business sale-and halving or quartering your prices-advertising won’t get you a bang, a whimper or a nickel for your buck. Not anymore.

The only ads that still earn their keep are those in newspapers and on supermarket windows that read:

Big SALE Buy 1 Can of Campbell Soup for 89 Cents and Get a 2nd Can-FREE! Supplies limited! (or something like that)

Beyond that, the first reaction most consumers have when viewing any other type ad is not to believe anything it says.

And if they have no need, desire or knowledge of you, your product or your service, their second reaction is to play basketball. Their arm and hand muscles reflexively contract, causing them to roll up your ad into a tight little ball and shoot for the nearest basket.

Beware the Consumer’s Anti-Ad Third Eye

Because the consumer has become so desensitized to advertisements in general, if you don’t shove your ad, sales letter or flyer directly and firmly into their hands-they won’t even notice it.

It’s as if they’ve developed an anti-ad third eye that instinctively alerts them to an ad’s presence and then immediately shoot’s a signal to the brain-instructing their other two eyes not to see it.

For example…

How often, when surfing the web, have you run across a web page with a bright red, 40-word, one-sentence headline, ending with an exclamation mark or two or three?

Unless you’re searching for that particular web page, the average information-seeking web-surfer will immediately recognize that site as an ad, and click away-without even reading two words of it.

The same thing happens when reading the newspaper, or driving past a billboard on the highway…consumers simply refuse to look at the ads.

So What’s a Marketer to Do?


Huh? I’ll explain…

The success of the internet has proven one thing above all else. Human beings, which includes consumers, are addicted to information.

Google, the internet version of a library card catalog, exists, thrives, dominates and will eventually own the world, because consumers are in a constant, never-ending search for more and more information.

And why do consumers want ever more information that will convince, compel and persuade them to a certain point of view?

So they can make the most efficient, prudent and intelligent choice about whatever it is they want to own, possess, consume or BUY.

Yes, BUY.

Though consumers hate to be sold; they still love, nevertheless, to BUY.

And their decision to buy is most effectively influenced when they are provided with information that supports, confirms and increases their already resident desire to BUY!

Enter the Advertorial

The advertorial is an ad disguised as an editorial. A cunning wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s roughly 80% useful, compelling and persuasive information and 20% sales pitch.

It will never mention the name of the product, its features or benefits in the headline. Because that would be too obvious-it would scream ad and will immediately activate the consumer’s anti-ad third eye.

Instead, in a newspaper, in a direct mail promotion, or on the internet the advertorial will attract attention and readership by merely dangling the tantalizing promise of free actionable and profitable information… if the reader will only continue to read on.

An advertorial headline won’t scream: LOSE 10LBS OF FAT IN 10 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

Instead, the advertorial headline will read: John Hopkins Research PhD discovers active ingredient in ice cream that causes rapid weight loss.

Then the advertorial will proceed to show and prove, in pseudo-journalistic fashion, the What, Why, Who, Where and When of how the product or service does precisely what the consumer wants and needs.

The advertorial delivers valuable, documented information that relentlessly leads the reader to the inevitable conclusion that the solution to their problem or need is… whatever it is you’re selling.

It doesn’t look, taste or smell like an ad, and the consumer’s anti-ad third eye will never see it coming.

Try it… you’ll like it.