The Innate Beauty Of A Marble Chess Set

Chess is by some considered to be a complicated game while those who know how to play it find it exciting and fun. A chess set always contains the same pieces. Chess sets consist of a chess board and two sets of chess pieces which are a queen and king, two knights, two bishops, two towers and 8 pawns. Normally, these pieces are black and white, while the chessboard has black and white squares that are alternately formed. Chess players and chess manufacturers used this standard chess set for multiple decades. This does not necessarily means that you can only find similar chess sets on the market. A chess board and the chess pieces don’t necessarily have to look dull. There are chess sets that are made of different materials, which allows you to show your individuality to the rest of the world.

Chess sets are commonly made from wood while there are some that are made from other materials such as glass, plastic or marble. The marble versions really stand out from the others as they can look stunning. Even though glass gives a nice modern look, marble chess sets are by many considered to be the most classy and will surely leave an impression on people who see one. The best thing about marble is that it comes in several unique colors and is often the main material for sculpting. However, this is only partially true since there are many uses of marble, including the creation of well-crafted chessboards and pieces. Even though marble is multicolored, there should be a different color of marble for each player. The manufacturers of the marble chess sets do not have to paint their chess sets. Instead, they gather multiple kinds of marble.

For example, in Italy, they have white or blue-gray marble while in Greece they have translucent marble. Belgium has red marble. These different types and colors are used to create the chessboard as well as the different pieces of the chess set.

Marble chess sets are very durable and can withstand extremes in weather and temperature. Marble chess sets can resist all types of weather without getting damaged, which allows us to play chess outside. You can even leave it outside all the time at a designated spot so you can play outdoors whenever you like.

You can find marble chess sets of different quality, and they of course have different price tags as well. This all depends on the size, how detailed the chess pieces are and the types of marble used. Some sets are highly polished and exude a great glossy finish, while others have a lower quality sheen. The marble chess sets all look good in general but if you have two different marble chess sets lined up next to each other you will be able to see some differences in quality. Your preferences and budget should help you make the final decision.

Chess sets can vary in the materials, the color of the pieces and the actual physical appearance of the pieces. You can find chess games with different themes as well which gives an extra touch to the game. Being able to sit down and play with your marble chess set will be even more fun than playing with a regular wooden chess set.

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Expand Your Mind With Chess

Intelligence is a very important commodity in our current age. Reliance on physical strength and agility is no longer a requirement for survival and accomplishment.

In the past, a lot of value was placed on physical strength and agility, making sports competition a highly regarded activity. Today, people still have a lot of interest in sports and many are attracted to successful sports figures. And with encouragement from parents, many children aspire to grow up and achieve the successes of their sports icons.

Today, sports that require physical agility are beginning to lose favor. For example, why is it important to be able to run and tackle a large man when we no longer need to engage in that activity for survival?

These days, people accomplish important tasks by simply pushing a few buttons and letting machines to the work for them. Generally, academic accomplishment is more important and results in a higher position in society, both economically and socially.

Despite the importance of one’s mental abilities, chess is still considered more of a hobby rather than a way to exercise one’s mental capacity. Nevertheless, chess is gaining more attention. There are some schools that include chess in their curriculum because many studies show that playing chess has multiple benefits for children.

There are many advantages that one can gain from chess. As with playing physical sports, chess gives you a chance to meet new people and make new friends. You’ll get to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life who just happen to enjoy the game of chess.

The benefits of playing chess may not be readily apparent, but some say that chess sharpens their analytical abilities. For others, chess calms them down, or increases focus and concentration.

These skills are very important in modern day life as we are faced with more and more complex problems that cannot be solved by sheer physical force. Playing chess helps to support the idea that there is usually a solution to a problem even if it’s not readily apparent.

Chess also helps to integrate the important human functions one needs to solve problems, which is to pause, think, and intelligently search for a solution to a problem. It helps you to think logically and clearly, and to react quickly to different kinds of problems.

And chess helps you in your everyday life as it trains you to notice that your actions have consequences that will impact you and those around you. Indeed, chess can be great fun, especially for those who have a competitive spirit. After all, it is based on war.

The best part is, you don’t have to expend much physical effort at all, or suffer from sprains, bruises and broken bones. You just need to use your mental skills.

There is nothing better than beating your opponent just by using your mind and skills. So, get a chess set, find an opponent, and start playing chess right away!

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What You Need To Know About Chess Sets and Boards

Chess is a popular board game which is played between two people. The game, as we know it today, emerged in the southern part of Europe during the 15th century. An older Indian game was the basis for the chess we know today.

The game of chess is being played globally in tournaments, at home, in clubs and online. It is a game that strengthens relationships between family and friends, especially when mentoring is involved.

There are many different variations of chess sets and boards, though all of them have something in common. All chess boards have 64 squares which in most cases are black and white. Depending on your wishes you can find chess sets and boards with different themes and sizes.

A folding chess set, for example is one variation of a chess set, which many people who play chess for fun, find quite useful. There is also a special travel chess set, that is usually smaller in size. Travel chess sets are perfect for vacations and other journeys because they are usually compact and can give countless hours of fun. The travel and folding chess sets are commonly made out of wood.

Another popular type of chess set are the magnetic chess sets which are handy because the chess pieces are less likely to move when you don’t want them to. This type of chess set can be made from different types of materials like plastic, wood and metal and their size and shape can vary as well. The chess pieces are magnetized and adhere to the board by a metal plate fitted under the board. You can play with a magnetic chess set in the car, train, plain, or space shuttle! Well, you might have to be a bit careful when the shuttle is launched, but you probably understand what I’m saying.

Nowadays, electronic chess sets and electronic chess computers have become more popular since they are also quite convenient for travel and easy to use. Electronic chess sets give you nice options like saving and storing games which is nice because you can easily continue on another day. Another advantage of having an electronic chess set or a computer is that with most of them you can play against the computer itself, which means that you will always have an opponent. It can also be fun to turn off the single player mode and play against a real human opponent.

No matter which of the chess sets and boards you purchase, the game will stay the same and the rules will not change.

If you’re new to the game, the first rule of chess is that a player in possession of white pieces always begins first.

Each opponent places the same pieces on the board – a queen and king, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns.

The aim of the game is to checkmate the other player’s king which results in a win. -Checkmate- is the name for the situation where the king cannot move anymore and victory is achieved for one of the players. The game of chess is also referred to as the war without bloodshed. Most avid players call it fun.

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