Hone Your Chess Skills With Blindfold Chess

All the hours you have put into mastering the game of chess seem to be paying off. Good for you! So, you think you are slowly, yet surely, conquering the challenges this longstanding game continually presents to those daring-hearted individuals who partake in this mind-racking pastime. You are ready for a new challenge, yes? Now that you’ve played the game enough that you feel like you could play it in your sleep, why not partake in a match of blindfold chess? Yes, that’s right: blindfold chess!

Right now, images might be dancing through your mind of you and your opponent clumsily feeling around the chessboard for your knight, possibly knocking down your pieces, simulating a domino effect. Well, go ahead and wipe that vision out of your mind, as your first blindfold chess game will not be quite as complicated as this. It’s not like a piata game, where you will get spinned around, hopelessly aiming for your pawn. A third player will assist in the actual physical moving of the pieces, mind you. Your mission, however, is to memorize each and every move, all the while predicting your opponent’s next move, and calculating your future moves by putting your visual-spatial skills to work, without the use of your eyes!

If you can imagine the intense training your brain goes through during a typical game of chess, when you can actually see your and your rival’s moves, then surely you can begin to fathom just how much more work your brain will have to perform in order to complete this task of blindfold chess. Are you up to the challenge?

You may have seen or heard of chess matches where a player will challenge several opponents simultaneously. This thought alone can be baffling to chess competitors. With chess being a game based on skillful tactics and the ability to calculate not only your next several moves, but also your challenger’s next several moves, adding a blindfold to the situation will make it even more exciting (and possibly, frustrating)! You obviously love a good challenge, though, so hang in there.

People who are most likely to succeed at this style of chess playing are those whose learning style is holistic rather than systematic. The holistic learner’s thought methods are generally processed in pictures rather than words. This ability is beneficial to the blindfold chess player, as he will be able to grasp a full picture of the game board from his mind’s eye, as well as still be able to calculate and predict future moves, without the aid of sight.

Blindfold chess is something that is taken quite seriously amongst pro chess players. The Amber Chess Tournament is a competition that takes place annually at the Palais de la Mediterrane, in Nice. Participants come from all over the world, including Russia, India, Armenia, Ukraine, Norway, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Azerbaijan, and the United States of America. The total amount of the prize pot is the equivalent of more than US$300,000 dollars. If the mere completion of the task isn’t enough to whet your enthusiasm, maybe financial means will nudge you toward the direction of mastering blindfold chess!

Hone your blindfold and speed chess skills enough, and you just might find yourself amongst the greatest players in the world. Good luck!

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How To Play Chess

For the themes on which they are based, sky is the limit to imagination.

Chess, played with the chess set and then a chessboard, is one of the ancient games that holds popular among the young and the old alike. It can be a board game which is used 2 sets, black and white, of 16 pieces each on a board having 64 switching dark and light squares. It is considered to be just about the most intellectual games that enables you to hone your intelligence. However the game itself is challenging, the sets and boards useful to play these also possess a value of their own.
never have failed to grab the interest of the designers. Chess sets also have enacted battles between people and aliens, cowboys together with Indians etc.

In addition to the themes, variety is introduced due to the different materials used for making these sets and panels. At lower costs, chess sets made of plastic is the commonest and handy especially for children. Machine-made wooden pieces are not very rare. But at the higher end there are innumerable sets which were collected by enthusiasts. or from metals. Marble chessboards have also been found and so are glass chessboards. However, these boards are prone to scratching and are better off relating to the display shelves. Electronic boards likewise have been designed which might detect the movement in the pieces on the board.

Travel packages are adapted such that they can be used on the move. Although some people get really involved in the chess world and enter tournaments regularly, the tastes us just like to play when we have some free time.

Chess is a game that can be played at any age and some forward thinking schools actually teach it as part of the school day simply due to the known benefits in improving thinking skills. In your area there’s likely to be a club where novices and professionals are welcome. Chess is like riding a bicycle, once you’ve got mastered the rules you never forget.

At the airport when your flight is delayed, on long and boring car journeys, at home, or in a hotel foyer – with a chess board in your bag you are never alone as the grade of you the opportunity to find some company and get new acquaintances and close friends.

The online game is so popular that there are some great travel types, magnetic boards are well suited for playing on planes, trains, buses or in the vehicle – relieving boredom and improving your thinking skills at once! Many travel options also have the game of set backgammon printed in the reverse side so you get 2 for the price of 1!
Nobody is incredibly sure of the origin of the game, but it goes back to about 2000 in years past. However, most people believe that Chess came out of games much like chess being played in India that time. Today’s Chess game has existed since the 15th century when that developed popularity in Europe.

Chess Plans

You can aquire off-the-shelf Chess software you install in your pc. This will tutor you on the game and generate laptop computer chess opponents at different skill levels to match your skill. This is perhaps the fastest manner of learning the game as you don’t need to to be online to play against stimulated opposing team.

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