What You Need To Know About Chess Sets and Boards

Chess is a popular board game which is played between two people. The game, as we know it today, emerged in the southern part of Europe during the 15th century. An older Indian game was the basis for the chess we know today.

The game of chess is being played globally in tournaments, at home, in clubs and online. It is a game that strengthens relationships between family and friends, especially when mentoring is involved.

There are many different variations of chess sets and boards, though all of them have something in common. All chess boards have 64 squares which in most cases are black and white. Depending on your wishes you can find chess sets and boards with different themes and sizes.

A folding chess set, for example is one variation of a chess set, which many people who play chess for fun, find quite useful. There is also a special travel chess set, that is usually smaller in size. Travel chess sets are perfect for vacations and other journeys because they are usually compact and can give countless hours of fun. The travel and folding chess sets are commonly made out of wood.

Another popular type of chess set are the magnetic chess sets which are handy because the chess pieces are less likely to move when you don’t want them to. This type of chess set can be made from different types of materials like plastic, wood and metal and their size and shape can vary as well. The chess pieces are magnetized and adhere to the board by a metal plate fitted under the board. You can play with a magnetic chess set in the car, train, plain, or space shuttle! Well, you might have to be a bit careful when the shuttle is launched, but you probably understand what I’m saying.

Nowadays, electronic chess sets and electronic chess computers have become more popular since they are also quite convenient for travel and easy to use. Electronic chess sets give you nice options like saving and storing games which is nice because you can easily continue on another day. Another advantage of having an electronic chess set or a computer is that with most of them you can play against the computer itself, which means that you will always have an opponent. It can also be fun to turn off the single player mode and play against a real human opponent.

No matter which of the chess sets and boards you purchase, the game will stay the same and the rules will not change.

If you’re new to the game, the first rule of chess is that a player in possession of white pieces always begins first.

Each opponent places the same pieces on the board – a queen and king, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns.

The aim of the game is to checkmate the other player’s king which results in a win. -Checkmate- is the name for the situation where the king cannot move anymore and victory is achieved for one of the players. The game of chess is also referred to as the war without bloodshed. Most avid players call it fun.

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