How to avoid these 3 web design mistakes

Web design can literally make or break the reputation of your website. Even if you offer the best content on your pages, your readers will have difficulty to take you seriously if your web design is done incorrectly. Let me show you some mistakes that people make when their designing their web pages.

First of all, your site’s layout should be clear and free of unnecessary clutter. Your users should be able to know your site’s subject instantly. Over crowding your site with music and badges will not only make your site look messy, it will also hinder its performance.

If you absolutely want your users to enjoy music while they’re navigating on your site, make sure you let them control it. There’s nothing more annoying than having to listen to unnecessary theme music when you’re browsing through a site. You should clearly display a media player that will allow your user to play, stop or pause the music at all times.

A mistake a lot of people make when they’re trying to integrate Adsense to their site is trying to blend the ads with the content. While it may improve your click trough rate on a short term, your readers will catch on to it and you’ll lose followers. They will start to see your site as a blatant advertisement tool and they will lose their trust in you. Trust is capital when you’re trying to gather a following, so it’s better to have a lower click through rate I the beginning, but more visitors in the long run-

I personally use Firefox, but I know that a lot of people are still using Internet Explorer or new platforms like Google Chrome, so you’ll have to make sure that your site is compatible with all these platforms. Not all browsers interpret CSS the same way, so you’ll lose some followers if they can navigate your site. You should also avoid JavaScript links since they can cause problems to some of your users.

Web design should never be taken lightly. Your site’s layout is what will make your site easily recognizable and stand out from the rest. So if you manage to stay away from the mistakes I just listed in this article, your readers will be pleased with what they see and you’ll start to get more and more traffic.

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Find Out the Best Way to Create Your Website – Part 1 Website Builders

In today’s technology, almost everyone can create their own website. And before you create yours, I suggest that you weigh the different approaches first. In this article, we’ll review the different ways to create your website, cite their pros and cons and recommend the best one for you.

Part 1: Using a Website Builder

A website builder is an online tool to create websites without manual code intervention. Through it, the user can actually see what the webpage looks like while he edits its look and feel. The latest builders use drag and drop technology for user convenience.

Some of the famous builders are: Weebly, Trendy Site Builder (uses Flash animation) and Breezi Website Builder. They are commonly pre-installed in your web host’s control panel.

The Pros

They are user-friendly. Most builders have drag-and-drop interface that users find really convenient. If you need a website in an instant, use a website builder.

User can modify web design as he actually sees it. Builders were built in a WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. You can insert texts, images and other items on the page as you see it.

No need to install software of any sort. Almost all of them are browser-based and do not require installation of application on your computer (Flash-based builders may require you to install Adobe Flash Player).

The Cons

Website builders limit web design. They commonly rely on themes which the user may modify but are limited to changing of color and placement of images. There are builders that offer HTML and CSS modification but with a fee.

Most builders can only modify websites that were initially created in them. Websites built using website builders can only be usually edited in one particular type of builder. It will be hard to switch builders for your site because the way they were developed varies.

You may probably stick to only one web host. In most cases, you may find it difficult to change your web host if you encounter problems. Web hosts choose which type of builders they would like to be installed in their system. The builder you use may not be available in other web hosts.

Builders may not give you your dream website. By dream website I mean the website you really want. A website builder can show your profile but may not be able to show your level of professionalism. It can provide contact information to your visitors but may not offer online customer support. It can add PayPal buttons to your pages but may not give you a full-blown shopping cart. Because of its limitation, your website might not contribute too much to you or your business.

On the next part of this article we’ll review other methods and rate which is the best one for you.