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Is gaming popular in Sweden?

A stable internet connection has probably offered an effective part in Sweden’s progress as a population of the game develops and gamers. The most popular age bracket among gamers was 9 to 14 years and around 72 % of them affirmed to play online games on a daily basis.

Top ten games swedes are playing in 2021

Maine Craft

Maine Craft was developed by Mojang. It is one of those common games that everyone knows about even the ones that don’t play. Artistic aspects with mild game mechanics and Lego visual display enable players to enjoy playing. It’s fun and addicting for every age group.

Castle Raid

It is full of action and fancy strategy games encapsulated in the middle ages. Invite your pals and opponents in a full and interesting 6 to 7 minutes fight or defeat the country by getting all royalties.

Battlefield 2

Battlefield is one of the most prominent Swedish gaming achievements in recent history. If you are an aficionado of history who fancies WW1 and WW2 then it’s your game. Battlefield 2 with the DICE’s self-formed play engine, unlike its older versions in the play series, are marketed like pancakes.

Crusader Kings III

The game was developed by paradox studio in 2020. A policy with roleplaying factors that happened throughout Medieval times was employed by the Swedish designers of management Paradox.

SteamWorld: Ultimate Edition theft

It was developed by Image & Model. It was issued in multiple setups, but the final version was Nintendo Switch who won the greatest response. It is rated one of the most famous indie gameplays.

Pokémon Go

It is a free app that connects gaming with realness. The game utilizes position tracking and digital mapping to generate an extended fact in which players get and rail Pokémon appearances in actual situations.

Brothers: A Sons’ Story

The game was developed by Starbreeze (a Swedish giant) and recognized as a dreamy event with an elegant form and impeccable swing.


It was developed by SimBin (a Swedish company). SimBin created plenty of Grand Turismo entertainments, including those established on the Swedish line STCC, GTR2 was recognized as 2006’s best racing game by IGN.

Candy Crush Saga

This game is regarding making your head run by resolving challenging puzzles. Candy Crush Saga offers the play exciting for the bigger level you reach. This feature makes it for every age group. It was first released on cell phones in 2012 and later on other devices.


It is a multi-user and economics-themed desk gameplay. In this, members throw two dice to get about the game desk, shopping and selling features, and improving them with homes and resorts. Members receive rental from competitors, with the aim to make them into insolvency.