I Make Leisure Time a Priority Now That I’m Older

I spent too much time on work for a lot of years, and I soon found myself without many friends and living a very depressing life. Since then, I’ve joined some clubs in our area to get to know people and make some friends. Every bit of it has been worth it. Members get together and do things like renting party buses in Toronto for a night out or going on hikes together. Staying friendless and at home all the time really took a toll on me when it came to life in general, and branching out to have some downtime has really helped me outlook on life.

I have always been a homebody for the most part. As a kid, I liked hanging out with my siblings and didn’t do all that much to really spend a lot of time making friends with other kids at school or even in the neighborhood. My siblings were the same way until they reached high school age. Then, each of them began meeting a lot of new people, and they did not really have a lot of time for the little sister who liked hanging out with them. I would stay home reading, watching TV or playing with our pets.

When I got to high school myself, I wasn’t very popular. The other kids didn’t seem to like me much, so I threw myself into getting the best grades possible, getting into the best college and landing an excellent job. As an adult, I realized that not having other people in my life was not something that I wanted to do. When I joined a local hiking club and a singles club, people were very welcoming to me. It really felt nice to be liked and wanted by other people. I enjoy meeting as many new people as I possibly can now.