From the Hookah to the Modern Day Vaporizer

It is not uncommon for somebody to look at a modern day vaporizer and think that the premise as well as sometimes the look of these vaporizers are very similar to a well-known and ancient tobacco accessory known as the hookah. The truth is is that these two devices have some similarities and a case can be made that the modernday vaporizer is simply the next logical step up from the hookah.

The hookah has been used for several hundred years throughout the Middle East and regions such as Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco and Egypt just to mention a few. This device was used primarily to smoke local as well as foreign flavored tobaccos. Often these tobaccos could be enhanced with flavors such as honey, sugar as well as other locally indigenous spices.

In order to smooth the flavor of the tobacco, the smoke was filtered through ice water. This allowed the smoke to be cooled and to smooth out the flavors that could be especially strong with some of the darker tobaccos that were prevalent in those areas of the world.

In the 1970s, the first vaporizer was introduced. This vaporizer was based on the same premise of the hookah, only instead of burning the tobacco, the tobacco flavors were released through vaporization rather than combustion.

The first vaporizer’s were somewhat crude and unrefined in their design. These vaporizers were known as conduction vaporizers and they were problematic in terms of the speed in which they heated up the tobacco, the difficulties in maintaining proper temperature and design issues which caused a great deal of the aroma and flavor of the tobacco to be lost before it was inhaled.

Today, new versions of vaporizers known as convection vaporizers have made using these devices much more convenient and precise. Many new convection vaporizers offer instant vaporization of the tobacco. They also offer advanced temperature controls to make the vapor as warm or as cool as desired and there are no concerns with overheating of the vaporizer as many employ technology that automatically shuts off the vaporizer if it begins to get too hot.

From the hookah to the modern-day convection vaporizer, while the basis is primarily the same, the technology has made modern-day vaporizers much more efficient and much more convenient to use. If you’re looking for the optimum tobacco experience, it would be well worth your time to consider a modern-day vaporizer. If you’re interested in finding more information about vaporizers, you can learn more here.