Canada online casino for unlimited fun and pleasure

Before searching a gaming platform, you should find an interesting game. If you are new to gambling then it is a must for you. You should know how many games are available and how are they played.

Nothing entertains a man like gambling but now women and children can also enjoy this activity. Presence of gaming websites is an opportunity for everyone. If you want to experience the thrill of betting, you can do so by sitting at home. For gambling, you need opening an account with a canada online casino.

A number of gaming websites are available and each website has something different to offer. Search gambling websites and choose that you find credible. To establish credibility of a website, you can go through its privacy policy and terms and conditions. Try avoiding new websites as it is quite difficult to determine credibility of a website that is a few days or few months old. On the other hand, websites that are functioning since a long time can be reliable.

Before searching a gaming platform, you should find an interesting game. If you are new to gambling then it is a must for you. You should know how many games are available and how are they played. You can play poker, slot machine, jackpot, roulette, black jack or any other game that you like most. Once you have found a game, you need to understand its rules. Here you can take advantage of free games. Play free games until you master a game.

You don’t need betting any amount for free games. You can find a credible Canada online casino and open a fun account on it. Once the account opening formalities are over, you can start playing a game from the free games. If you wish, you can change your fun account to real one by depositing a minimum amount in it.

To open an account with a Canada online casino, you need to deposit some money with the website. There are many gaming websites and each website has its own rules for opening accounts. Open account with minimum amount and bet the amount you can afford to lose. You should hope to win but you should also be ready to lose money.

If you have any problem in locating a credible Canada online casino, you can take help. Go through the reviews of popular online gaming websites and see why they are popular. Read negative reviews on the gambling platforms to know the precautions you need taking with these websites. In this way, you can find a credible gambling platform. Once you have the platform, you can open an account with it and start playing.

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Penny Slot Machines

Playing slot machines with only one penny seems awfully cheap. Actually, it is cheap but it is exactly what the casinos want you to think.

Gone are the days of the simple 3 reel slot machine, todays machines are gigantic multiline slot machines who have been developed to include any money making trick known in the book. In the comfort department, todays slot machines have improved to accept dollar bills instead of only coins and can give prizes in the form of redeemable tickets, all in order to make the player as comfortable as possible.

The biggest change in modern slot machines is the addition of many more pay lines (a modern slot machine will have at least 20 pay lines and some reach a lot higher) which of course requires many more coins in order to activate all of them. With machine that costs 50c per spin but offers 20 pay lines, the cost per spin can easily reach 10$, and suddenly the old pay less win more slot machine has become a financial burden on the average gambler. For those who say play only the minimum lines, we will remind that in order to win the biggest prizes (and the jackpot, of course if available) you must play the maximum number of lines or your profits will be very slim.

In order to make the players less aware of the cost of playing these slot machines the casinos have come up with 1 penny slot machines. Thats right, 1c per spin. This has become the hottest trend in the casinos slot machine floor and the low denomination has attracted numerous gamblers who now think that playing slot machines has become much cheaper. The focus though has turned into the multiple pay lines which require multiple points in order to maximize profits. Machines exist which will require more than 1500 coin per spin! This makes the average spin cost almost the same as the regular 50c machine.

Are Penny slot machines a suckers bet? Not necessarily. These machines are perfect for a player who came to the casino with the intention of spending a few hours of fun without committing too much money to the casino. On the other hand, those who like to suck every ounce of edge out of the machine and will never settle for anything than less the maximum payout will find better options elsewhere.

By the way you might have noticed some famous jackpots being offered in the penny slot machines, be assure that all in all playing the jackpot in a 1 penny machine and 1 dollar machine has no difference as the total amount required to gamble to be eligible for the jackpot is the same.

Casino Bonus Hunters Wager Aggressively

With more casino bonus hunters hustling their way in, online casinos have become more innovative to ward them off and are coming up with stickier bonus rules. It is becoming harder than ever before for the most astute gambler to go around and look for casino bonuses with very few risks. The casino bonus is not available for easy withdrawal and stays on the gamblers account unless it disappears due to a loss.

Casino bonus hunters, unable to withdraw bonuses, label such casino bonus promotions as sticky. Online casino bonuses are usually made non-cashable these days and kept only for the purposes of wagering by casino bonus hunters. Casino bonus hunters have the facility to deposit their money and then avail of a casino bonus. But they cannot cash the casino bonus account that is solely meant for wagering purposes only. If the casino bonus account gets wiped away, the deposit can be cashed.

The bottom line is that whatever casino bonus hunters may do, the casino bonuses are not at all what they thought they would be. The funny part is that if you win, you would not need the bonus which would come of use only when you loose. With a casino bonus, your account is not wiped away, but you can hold on till the negative trend passes off. It does not matter whether the casino bonus hunters find the bonuses stocky as they remain in their account. But chances of getting back the bonus are very slim and you have an equal chance of not getting it at all.

Casino bonus hunters have to fire from all cylinders to try and have a slice of the bonus. They would have to risk more than ever and bet in larger stakes to be able to avail of the bonuses. If you don’t stake higher, chances of winning and getting the bonus would be difficult. It would be frustrating for the casino bonus hunters as the bonus would continue to elude them as it is non-cashable in nature.

Neither would you be able to win nor get a chance to get the bonus. It is a catch22 situation where you have to stick your neck in more to get the bonus and if you don’t, then your chances of wining is diminished by the cleverly crafted house edge. But for casino bonus hunters, it is imperative that they have got all the casino rules and game plans figured out. Casino bonus hunters are usually professional gamblers who are used to taking huge risks and for having a go at the sticky bonuses, they tend to gamble aggressively.

You need to stake higher to have a chance at getting the casino bonus. Casino bonus hunters are drawn to the kind of attractive bonus offers that are all over the internet. Online casinos have brought in more competition and the options for bonuses are also multiplying.

The variety of bonuses offered by the online casinos is caused by the casino bonus hunters. That is why online casinos have to be very creative to keep the balance to wean the hunter away from their promotions but to entice more players to sign up new accounts.

At first glance bonuses and promotions are scary to look at, but wise approach would result in profitable wagering strategy.

Aggressive betting requires a professional approach and clear understanding of the risk versus return. On the other hand conservative betting approach based on the bankroll limitations, wagering in accordance with the correct strategies, getting good size of the bonuses, carefully selecting online casinos to play at, would help the player to professionally beat the casinos.

The Sidereal Transit Of Saturn I

How Saturn’s Transit of Leo Will Affect You?

( Saturn entered Leo on Nov 01 , 2006 and will stay there for 2 years )

Moon Sign – Is the Zodiacal Sign where your Moon is posited in your sidereal horoscope.

Moon Sign Leo – Saturn is highly adverse in the First. All sorts of strife and afflictions will visit you. ( Nana Roga Shucham ). Fear from poison or fire, of friends and family members., fear of incarceration, travel to foreign lands, loss of money ,near and dear ones. Fear of vicious enemies, destruction of agriculture, monetary quarrels and litigation, loss in agriculture, separation from kith and kin and suffering from insults. You become gloomy and melancholic as problems overwhelm you. Melancholy will mark you for her own. Waste of time, waste of money, waste of effort etc characterise this Saturnine period. There may be change of location, dissipation of wealth and factors detrimental to health crop up. Be careful about health and wealth.

Moon Sign Cancer – This is the last phase of Elarata Saturn.

The first five years were intensely agonising and the next 2 1/2 years ( this phase ) will give some relief. But you are forewarned that Elarata Saturn is not over. Again there will be many tests and tribulations till 2006. Destruction to wealth and happiness indicated ( Sukhartha Vihathim ). Loss of position, great expenditure, health hazards and transfer to some other place indicated. Emaciated physical appearance, loss of comfort, acquisition but not enjoyment of wealth.

Moon Sign Gemini – Saturn turns benign and blesses you with many favours. There will be gain of position and subordinates ( Sthanartha Bhrithyadhikam ). Financial condition improves. All that you lost during his stay in the 12th, Ist and 3rd will be redeemed. You get political connections and favours from politicians. Luck in gambling indicated. Stock exchange, jackpot and lotteries should be tried. Why not take advantage of this benign Saturnine stance ?

Moon Sign Taurus – Saturn turns adverse in the 4th. There will be a dearth of happiness ( Sthree Bandhastha Sukhachyuthim ). Mental peace and happiness takes a beating. This period is known as Angular Saturn or Kandaka Sani. The 4th Refers to domestic happiness . Domestic happiness becomes a scarce commodity. Relatives become enemies and mental tension increases. Separation from friends and family members, suspicious nature, crooked behaviour and wicked acts.

Moon Sign Aries – Separation from sons, loss of money and frequent quarrels. Fall from Wealth and happiness ( Dhana Sukha Bramsam ). Mind becomes a pot of mental turmoil as the planet of Melancholy marks your for his own. Gloomy mood always. You need not worry as the next phase of Saturn will give you whatever you have lost including happiness.

Moon Sign Pisces – Saturn turns benefic in the 6th. All the blocks and hindrances on the path to progress vanish. You get the favour of politicians and powerful people. There will be luck in gambling. Enemies get destroyed as the planet which gives all round happiness becomes favourably posited. Favour from enemies and diseases & association with the fair sex. All your enemies will be subjugated ( Sapathna Kshayam ).

Moon Sign Aquarius – Saturn is in the adverse 7th now. This is called Kandaka Sani or Angular Saturn. Mental peace and happiness gets affected. Misunderstanding with loved ones cannot be ruled out. As the seventh house represents spouse, Saturn’s position therein is not good from the perspective of conjugal happiness. Separation from wife and children and aimless roaming about. There may be tendencies for long travel and to move away from one’s own place.

Trichotillomania – Self-induced Hair Loss

Trichotillomania in the broadest sense is self induced loss of hair. It is classified in DSM-IV as an nerve impulse control disorder with pyromania pathological gambling and kleptomania and includes the criterion of an increasing sense of tension before pulling the hair and gratification or relief when pulling the hair. However some people with trichotillomania do not endorse the increase of rising tension and subsequent pleasure gratification or relief as part of the criteria because many individuals with trichotillomania may not realize they are pulling their hair patients presenting for diagnosis may deny the criteria for tension prior to hair pulling or a sense of gratification after hair is pulled.

Trichotillomania has been hypothesized to position on the obsessive compulsive spectrum(OCD) which is proposed to encompass obsessive compulsive disorder nail biting and skin picking tic disorders and eating disorders. These conditions may share clinical features genetic contributions and possibly treatment reception however differences between trichotillomania and OCD are present in symptoms neural function and cognitive profile. In the sense that it is associated with irresistible urges to execute unwanted repetitive behavior trichotillomania is akin to some of these conditions and rates of trichotillomania among relatives of OCD patients is higher than expected by chance. how differences between the disorder and OCD have been noted including differing peak ages at onset rates of comorbidity gender differences and neural dysfunction and cognitive profile. When it occurs in early childhood it can be regarded as a clear cut clinical entity.

Trichotillomania is often not a focused act but quite hair pulling occurs in a trance like state hence trichotillomania is subdivided into automatic versus focused hair pulling. Children are more often in the automatic or unconscious subtype and may not consciously remember pulling their hair. Other individuals may have focused or conscious rituals associated with hair clouting including seeking specific types of hairs to clout clouting until the hair feels just right or clouting in response to a specific sensation. Knowledge of the subtype is helpful in determining handling strategies.

Individuals with trichotillomania exhibit hair of differing lengths; some are broken hairs with blunt ends some raw growth with tapered ends some broken mid shaft or some uneven stubble. Scaling on the scalp is not present overall hair density is normal and a hair device test is negative (the hair does not device out easily). Hair is often pulled out leaving an unusual shape, individuals with trichotillomania may be secretive or shameful of the hair pull behavior.

An additional psychological effect can be low self esteem frequently associated with being shunned by peers and the fear of socializing due to appearance and negative attention they may receive. location seems to be a strong stress-related component. In low stress environments some exhibit no symptoms whatsoever. This pulling much resumes upon leaving this environment. Some individuals with TTM may feel they are the only person with this problem due to unrefined rates of reporting.

Other medical complications include infection permanent loss of hair repetitive stress injury carpal tunnel syndrome and gastrointestinal obstruction as a result of trichophagia. In trichophagia family with trichotillomania also ingest the hair that they pull in extreme and rare cases this can lead to a hair ball (trichobezoar). Rapunzel syndrome an extreme form of trichobezoar in which the tail of the hair globe extends into the intestines can be fatal if misdiagnosed.

Environment is a big factor which affects hair pulling. Sedentary activities such as being in a relaxed environment are contributing to hair pulling. A common example of a sedentary activity promoting body covering pulling is lying in a bed while trying to rest or fall asleep. An extreme example of automatic TTM is found when some patients have been ascertained to pull their hair out while asleep. This is named sleep isolated trichotillomania.