How To Judge Whether Chess Sets Are Worth Their Price Quality, Material, Theme And Size

Regardless of whether you need a chess set for professional playing or you simply want it for your own pleasure, the choice can very demanding if you want to buy a quality product. There are several coordinates on which to judge whether chess sets are worth the price: quality, material, theme and size. Regular chess sets are pre-selected, meaning that the pieces and the chessboard are already coupled together in the set when you go to purchase it. Or there is another possibility here: that you get to pick the pieces individually and the matching chessboard in order to create personalized chess sets.

If classical chess sets may seem a little bit dull to you, there are always theme chess sets to choose from; such models work great for children as they stimulate imagination and make the game even more entertaining and challenging. Mythological figures for pieces would work great for the matter or if you buy the gift for someone older you could choose from historical representations of various warlike nations in the history. There are even chess sets with the Civil War figures represented on the chessboard; so, you’ll stimulate your child’s intelligence and also give him / her a history lesson as well.

In terms of quality materials used in the manufacturing of chess sets, wood items are the most appreciated. In the top of the list we need to mention the chess sets made of mahogany as being the most exquisite, but also the most expensive ones too, being closely followed by ebony and rosewood items. As for boards, the preference goes for those made of quality materials, since not only do they look great but they also meet high quality standards too. Furthermore, personalized chess sets are usually ordered by chess clubs and institutions that organize competitions on a regional, national or even international level.

It is not uncommon to come across chess sets that use mix materials for pieces and boards: for instance wood matches with metal pieces as well, without the least unaesthetic risk. Leatherette boards can be matched with metal pieces in some more special chess sets as well. Moreover, the material is not the only one to influence the price of chess sets; size also has an important word to say; the standard way of determining the diameter of the board is by multiplying the size of the king by 1.33. Sometimes, chessboards may be a bit larger but the dimension is never set below this value.

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Life Work Balance – Change Your Life

Let’s face it, your life is one big mess. You just can’t get life work balance in order that you wish, one more fact is – there is no one to blame but yourself!

I know how it may sound to you, but you need to accept this as a fact if you really want to make cardinal changes in life, something that you are facing right now. It is important to take a right attitude, stop with excuses and take your life back!

I know this because I am husband, father, business owner and I still have time for myself, believe me, I was where you are right now, stretched between personal life, work and I never had any time for myself, or what was even worst, I haven’t had any real time for my family.


So what was the turning point? I started to look, what can I change, where to steel some of that precious time and canalize it to other aspects of my life? Fortunately, it was impossible to steel time from work and put it into personal life, fortunately because it made me face with life and to explore my life once again.

When I started to examine my life, the inevitable thing was to explore my own attitudes and how do I really function in this messed up world, I was in front of the wall and only thing I could do was to rebuild myself – in order to achieve life work balance that I strove for.

Excuses that I came up before was a thing of a past, after all, excuses made me a slave of my own life. Taking responsibility is one of the best attitudes that you might have towards your life, remember, your life isn’t your work, if you are responsible only to your work your life will suffer!

Setting a goal…

Everything is fine. We know that our life is a mess. We just want to take control again and put it back on a right track. What exactly is a right track? What exactly do you want to achieve, and what would you do if your life was in a perfect balance right now? One thing is obvious – we are all restless, if we have a moment of peace, we get tired of it. We are humans it is in our nature. I wanted to point out that goal setting is one of the important things, but when we reach our goal, we need to know what to do next, what is the greater goal behind the first one?

Too difficult you might say, but this is how great players in life function, same as in Chess – if we think few steps ahead we are winning.

Back to School…

Most of the times when we want to repair something that is broken, only right path is to start all over again, or we can just “stick it with a glue” and use as another excuse for our temporary satisfaction.

Remember the school time?

The Innate Beauty Of A Marble Chess Set

Chess is by some considered to be a complicated game while those who know how to play it find it exciting and fun. A chess set always contains the same pieces. Chess sets consist of a chess board and two sets of chess pieces which are a queen and king, two knights, two bishops, two towers and 8 pawns. Normally, these pieces are black and white, while the chessboard has black and white squares that are alternately formed. Chess players and chess manufacturers used this standard chess set for multiple decades. This does not necessarily means that you can only find similar chess sets on the market. A chess board and the chess pieces don’t necessarily have to look dull. There are chess sets that are made of different materials, which allows you to show your individuality to the rest of the world.

Chess sets are commonly made from wood while there are some that are made from other materials such as glass, plastic or marble. The marble versions really stand out from the others as they can look stunning. Even though glass gives a nice modern look, marble chess sets are by many considered to be the most classy and will surely leave an impression on people who see one. The best thing about marble is that it comes in several unique colors and is often the main material for sculpting. However, this is only partially true since there are many uses of marble, including the creation of well-crafted chessboards and pieces. Even though marble is multicolored, there should be a different color of marble for each player. The manufacturers of the marble chess sets do not have to paint their chess sets. Instead, they gather multiple kinds of marble.

For example, in Italy, they have white or blue-gray marble while in Greece they have translucent marble. Belgium has red marble. These different types and colors are used to create the chessboard as well as the different pieces of the chess set.

Marble chess sets are very durable and can withstand extremes in weather and temperature. Marble chess sets can resist all types of weather without getting damaged, which allows us to play chess outside. You can even leave it outside all the time at a designated spot so you can play outdoors whenever you like.

You can find marble chess sets of different quality, and they of course have different price tags as well. This all depends on the size, how detailed the chess pieces are and the types of marble used. Some sets are highly polished and exude a great glossy finish, while others have a lower quality sheen. The marble chess sets all look good in general but if you have two different marble chess sets lined up next to each other you will be able to see some differences in quality. Your preferences and budget should help you make the final decision.

Chess sets can vary in the materials, the color of the pieces and the actual physical appearance of the pieces. You can find chess games with different themes as well which gives an extra touch to the game. Being able to sit down and play with your marble chess set will be even more fun than playing with a regular wooden chess set.

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Why Battle Chess Remains Highly Popular And Almost Unparalleled In The Field

The adaptation of the traditional games to the computer dimension has been a gradual process that has finally led to the creation of great interactive play opportunities. This is the case of battle chess, a computer game that combines the beauty and intricacy of classical chess with the complexity of new technological achievements.

The chess pieces are animated and they battle against each other; the game is the creation of Commodore Amiga and was designed to be used on Apple Macintosh. The designers took the four part of the Star Wars series as a source of inspiration, as there is a scene where chess pieces come alive. For anyone new to battle chess, there are illustrative and detailed introductions explaining piece movement.

A new audience was targeted with the invention of battle chess: computer fans. The game has spicy and thrilling features that will definitely challenge anyone who tries it; there is quite a bit of violence included in the battle scenes, which shows that classical games function well for the new virtual space where new twists involve macho-specificity.

For instance, in battle chess, rooks turn into monsters, pawns are crashed and more. Though some may label it as brutal, this game is definitely a new approach to chess. After its appearance and immediate success, there were several other animated attempts to imitate it; nevertheless, battle chess remained unique.

The classical black and white colors in the game are replaced by blue and red in battle chess, and there is no board rotation whichever side you may choose; thus sometimes you’ll play downwards and some other times upwards. Considered as one of the limitations of battle chess, this inadequacy didn’t prevent the huge success of the Chinese version of the game.

Chinese battle chess actually combined the features of this specific Asian games with excellent animations; no game is identical with the other since every battle is unique and ingenious in its own way. A good example of a successful move is when the king uses its royal staff like a baseball bat and launches a bomb towards a knight.

Though it was launched in the early 90s, battle chess remains highly popular and almost unparalleled in the field. Even if you were a chess champion, this game still has got plenty to offer in terms of challenges and entertainment; have a look at the faces of the figures and you’ll see for yourself that the limitations of the first computer chess games are long gone.

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Greek Chess Set Review – The Features Of A Greek Chess Set

Most, if not all, serious chess players don’t merely get pleasure from the game of chess itself but with the numerous chess pieces and the board as well. The game becomes much more intriguing with the creative aesthetics and quality of the chess pieces and the board. This is the very rationale why some players are inclined to take their time during a chess tournament, since they want to have a sense, not only of the game, but of the accessories as well. Various rare themed collectible chess sets, both unusual and modern, are even prized by many chess players and enthusiasts to buy, to act as decorative creations at home. One of the most sought after and popular chess theme is the Greek Chess Set.

Greek chess sets, as the name implies, are essentially chess sets that have Greek influenced chess pieces and board. With common characters, like Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Perseus, Hercules, Theseus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Achilles, and so many more, one of the most famous Greek influenced themes is the Greek Mythology, just like the Greek Mythology Chess Set. In addition, this would also involve the use of Greek mythological creatures in the chess pieces, such as the Hydra, the Furies, centaurs, pans, satyrs, nymphs, and so on. Even ancient Greek rulers, soldiers, and scholars, are also utilized to style chess pieces, the likes of Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Pericles, Archimedes, Aristotle, Plato, and many more. Well known and unusual Greek things, like Greek water pots, columns, towers, and so on, may also be used.

The board of a Greek chess set is also distinctive and you can conveniently spot it when you buy one. Quite often, simplistic designs can be found on Greek themed chess sets and these are normally created from materials, like wood, stone, or marble. Though having basic styles, most Greek chess boards are created to be top quality, extravagant, and opulent.

As a result, a Greek chess set is not a great set to offer to children or beginners, since they are costly. However, you may be able to discover a cheap Greek chess set that features plastic chess pieces and a magnetic board. These less costly substitutes, though not appearing much, can offer any beginner with the suitable equipment to master chess adequately. For people seeking to organize a chess tournament without having to devote much on the equipment, these substitutes are the ideal choice. Furthermore, you won’t have to go so far to acquire one with these less expensive alternatives.

Ancient Greco designs are quite well- known anywhere you go. Be it frescoes, works of art, vases, or even chess sets, to name just a few, you can often discover this kind of theme, from Greek phalanxes to ancient Greek structures, and so on and so forth.