Auto Bet System X Gold Review – Automated Betting Software Scam

Is the new automated betting software called Auto Bet System X Gold just another overhyped scam product in the betting community? This place master software runs on its own and what I have to do with it every day is to run it and pick the individual races that let me know whether I have selections to bet on in that race. The owner of this product is Grey Samuels, a professional horse racing punter who has been making his living using this software long before he even decided to start selling it online.

1. Why Would You Want to Get the Auto Bet System X Gold Software Tool?

This program basically allows its users to be able to spend much less time on their horse race research while this betting software does all the work for them. I have also found that there is a lot of money that can be made In the world of horse racing.

Traditionally, profiting from horse racing betting would require a lot of hard work spending time every day researching horse statistical sites to find the best value bets. Even though I have a very time schedule and a full time job, I am still able to profit from this software with a few minutes of my time every day.

2. Using the Auto Bet System X Gold Software to Automate your Online Horse Betting

There are certainly more and more software automation tools that are programmed for the purpose of automating the research and betting procedures. However, it is very important to point out that not all of them work. I have bought my fair share of scam betting software, which is why you should always do thorough research and test with paper betting before using your real, hard earned money. This software has not let me down so far, and the support service has been prompt and useful as well.

3. How Does the Auto Bet System X Gold Software and How Was it Created?

This software takes piles of data from free sources and crunches that to generate useful information for the user. Once I have become familiar with the program, you will find that you can take lesser and lesser time every day to find exactly what you need to bet on and with how much money. The creation of this software was inspired by Grey’s challenge to the UK betting community dome months back to create the most consistently profitable automated betting software.

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