Breitling Transocean White Dial Steel Quartz Watch Replica

More of a classy, classic and middle age man Bretiling replica watch in my opinion the Transocean has always looked clean and stylish. I’m guessing this will be a good replica watches video review specially for those of you guys that are interested in this model and for replica watches first buyers as well. This is not a very expensive watch as it starts around 5k and tops at around 17k for the rose gold models but still that’s a lot of money for a watch when it comes to average job guys like me.

I’ve been wanting to get a Transocean fake for some time specially because I’ve got quite a few inquiries from you guys and I must admit that I like the model too. All stainless steel and the unique Transocean bracelet make this fake Bretiling look like good clone.

You will find this white with a beige tint dial on the rose gold models only. The markings, markers and hands are definitely well cloned. The 9 o’clock chronograph is marked like the original and functions as a stopwatch. Good news is that you get all chronographs to work on this Quartz (battery run) movement. The 3 o’clock shows the military hour and the 6 o’clock is a small seconds hand. You don’t get a lot of models with all chronographs working even on Quartz movements some from this point of view I’m lucky to have found this one. Scratch-proof crystal is well placed on the case and has a very nice blueish tint. Breitling logo on the crown, good case thickness to which when adding a good weight you get a really good feeling on your wrist.

This fake Transocean feels good to wear and has a good grip on the wrist. The bracelet is also well cloned and easy to adjust. I have a little trouble focusing on closing the bracelet and shooting at the same time but otherwise it’s easy. There are good Transocean engravings on the fully polished back case so overall I’m very pleased with the looks, feel and functions on this watch. It has a good glow and the stainless steel is of good quality and well polished so passing it for an original should not be that hard when it comes to regular people. A connoisseur will know by the tick of the seconds hand but if you look closely it’s really not that far from a sweeping motion and definitely shows more of a sweep than your average Quartz movement.