Why Battle Chess Remains Highly Popular And Almost Unparalleled In The Field

The adaptation of the traditional games to the computer dimension has been a gradual process that has finally led to the creation of great interactive play opportunities. This is the case of battle chess, a computer game that combines the beauty and intricacy of classical chess with the complexity of new technological achievements.

The chess pieces are animated and they battle against each other; the game is the creation of Commodore Amiga and was designed to be used on Apple Macintosh. The designers took the four part of the Star Wars series as a source of inspiration, as there is a scene where chess pieces come alive. For anyone new to battle chess, there are illustrative and detailed introductions explaining piece movement.

A new audience was targeted with the invention of battle chess: computer fans. The game has spicy and thrilling features that will definitely challenge anyone who tries it; there is quite a bit of violence included in the battle scenes, which shows that classical games function well for the new virtual space where new twists involve macho-specificity.

For instance, in battle chess, rooks turn into monsters, pawns are crashed and more. Though some may label it as brutal, this game is definitely a new approach to chess. After its appearance and immediate success, there were several other animated attempts to imitate it; nevertheless, battle chess remained unique.

The classical black and white colors in the game are replaced by blue and red in battle chess, and there is no board rotation whichever side you may choose; thus sometimes you’ll play downwards and some other times upwards. Considered as one of the limitations of battle chess, this inadequacy didn’t prevent the huge success of the Chinese version of the game.

Chinese battle chess actually combined the features of this specific Asian games with excellent animations; no game is identical with the other since every battle is unique and ingenious in its own way. A good example of a successful move is when the king uses its royal staff like a baseball bat and launches a bomb towards a knight.

Though it was launched in the early 90s, battle chess remains highly popular and almost unparalleled in the field. Even if you were a chess champion, this game still has got plenty to offer in terms of challenges and entertainment; have a look at the faces of the figures and you’ll see for yourself that the limitations of the first computer chess games are long gone.

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Canadian Casinos North Of The Border For Fun & Games

Gambling in Canada expanded in leaps and bounds during the 1990’s.

Canada now boasts 59 casinos and 70 racetrack/slots venues in 7 provinces and NWT.

Provincial governments oversee gaming in each of the participating provinces.

The legal gambling age is 19 years of age. I suggest you call ahead for casino hours and location.

All information is correct at time of writing, but may change.

Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia operates two locations in Halifax, 1983 Upper Water St. on the waterfront-Purdy’s Wharf and Sydney.


All casinos have a dress code (no jeans), and no gratuities are accepted.

Casino Montreal: 1, Avenue du Casino, Montreal in Parc Des Iles. Nuance – 5 star restaurant.

Casino de Hull: 1, Blvd. du Casino, Hull. Across the river from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.


Contact Ontario Casino Corp. 416-326-0076 for current updates.

Charity Casinos: Four locations. All use The Winners Circle players card.

Brantford: 40 Icomm Drive, Brantford. Located 55 miles southwest of Toronto in downtown Brantford, ON. This celestial themed casino has a gift shop, a liquor license, Meteor Bar lounge and dining at the Cosmic Diner cafeteria. Open 24 hours.

Thunder Bay: 50 Cumberland St. S., Thunder Bay. Location: On the north shore of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, ON. The area is rich in the history of mining, marine and fur trading. A sea faring themed casino of more than 14,000 square feet.

Point Edward: 2000 Venetian Blvd., Point Edward. Location: Ten blocks from Sarnia, Ont. near the Bluewater Bridge on the St. Clair River. Indoor sights of a ship’s hull, saltwater aquarium and glass bridge add to this nautical themed casino.

Casino Sault Ste. Marie: 30 Bay St. W., Sault Ste. Marie. Location: Northern Ontario approx. 400 miles north of Toronto. Great hunting and fishing in this area.

Eighteen racetracks have placed more than 9000 slots as per the provincial plan in partnership with the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Commission.


VLT’s available in many bars throughout Manitoba. Two of the best are:

Club Regent: 1425 Regent W., Winnipeg.
McPhillips Stn.: 484 McPhillips St., Winnipeg.


Casino Regina: Union Station, 1880 Saskatchewan Dr. is this province’s premiere casino.


Casinos offer regular slots rather than VLT’s.

Edmonton is Canada’s fastest growing gaming city, and Casino Yellowhead is its jewel.

Home to the world’s largest shopping/entertainment complex – West Edmonton Mall.

Casino Yellowhead: Yellow Head Trail at 153rd St. located in the West Edmonton Mall.

At 73,500 sq. ft, Yellowhead is the largest casino in western Canada.

British Columbia

Great Canadian Casinos operates several casinos in BC.

Most locations offer these table games: Blackjack, Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, Red Dog, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker, Sic Bo, Texas Hold Em, Seven-Card Stud Poker and slots.

Each casino is centrally located in large municipalities and offers currency exchange,food and beverage service, wheel chair accessibility and nearby public transportation.

Western Canada Lottery Corporation works in conjunction with the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and territory of Yukon and Sport North Lottery Authority.

There are no taxes paid on lottery or casino winnings in Canada.

Being Canadian and born in Toronto, the research for this information was a labour (Canadian spelling) of love.

I Was Introduced To Lsd On My 15th Birthday At A Led Zeppelin Concert!

This was probably one of the most important birthdays of my adolescent years. The 15th birthday may not seem like a milestone time to most people, but I actually i felt really old and sensible!

The reason it was memorable was down to a a small number of things, but the most significant from a life-changing point of view was that i went to a Led Zeppelin concert, and at the same time took my first tab of acid!

To give you a little background of where i was in my life i will tell you that i was at a location called Peper Harow, which was a “therapeutic community” near Godalming, a sort of boarding school for troubled young geniuses (genii?). I had been sent to this place because i was under the care of the council. You had to pass an IQ test that showed you were of excellent intelligence before you were allowed an interview with the head of Peper Harow, and even then only 50% of the applicants were victorious.

I had been put “in care” as i was incessantly bunking off school, and running away from home. The last straw came when i broke into a house through desperation after living rough for a couple of weeks. I stole some clothes and 200 pounds, and then went off to Listowel in Ireland (Kerry) for three months, but that’s another legend!
On my return i was caught, convicted of breaking and entering, placed in care, and then sent to an “assessment centre”, where they decide whether to send you to a “borstal” or “community school”. There was not too much difference between the two as far as i was concerned so i decided to get out of there as quick as possible, and over the fence i went at the first opportunity.

The Social Services then sent me to this therapeutic community as an experiment, and i actually stayed there for a few months before going off on my own once again….

Anyway, i digress. This is about my birthday. So i was a great fan of the best rock band ever, Led Zeppelin, and was desperate to go to this concert. My birthday is March 28th and that year, luckily, it fell on Easter weekend, so i was at home on leave at my parent’s house in Neasden, North London..

So i met up with my friend Alain from Peper Harow. He was on leave at his mothers house in Baker Street, but somehow knew someone who was selling posters outside this Led Zeppelin concert, and he didn’t just sell posters! He had arranged with Alain for us to meet him and he was going to give us some acid (LSD, trips, whatever you want to call it), and also happened to know someone who worked on the door, and could get us entry for just a fiver.
We met this man as arranged, and, me being the way-out nutter i liked to think I was at the time, dropped the acid immediately. I had heard many stories about it, but nothing could have prepared me for the amazing effects of this fantastic drug. It seemed like no time at all before i was tripping off my brain, and everything around was fascinating and interesting. The colours were kaleidoscopic, hypnotic and flying all over the place. It was like being on another planet!

So we then waited and waited, for what seemed like an age, for the “man from the door” who was going to get us into the concert. When he turned up he was talking to us, telling us what to do, as we had to sneak through a particular turnstile. This was where his friend was going to let us through, but being off our heads, we found it incredibly hard to concentrate. The one thing that sticks out in my mind was the scars on his face, which were amplified to a fantastic degree by the acid, and from then on he was called “scarface” whenever me and Alain discussed that night. We then had to follow him, down this long, long road, which seemed to go on for ever, to reach the entrance.

Somehow we got through the dodgy turnstile, which even now seems incredible because we were giggling like idiots continually. I still can’t believe that security didn’t stop us going in, but in we got!.

I was totally addicted to the Zeppelin, so i knew all the music and the words, and we danced and sang and giggled and put the world to rights, until suddenly i became very thirsty. I just HAD to find somewhere to buy a drink, and after much in-depth discussion, we decided to try to get into the outskirts of the arena to find a kiosk for the said drink. So off we went.

We found a burger bar around the outside, but it was big and empty while the music was still deafeningly loud from the arena. I remember one of the stewards asking me for a ticket so he could help me get back to our seats, and we said we’d left them with our friends, so he asked me what our seat numbers were, and showed me this map with all the seat numbers on it.

I scanned the document quickly, and computed a letter that i COULDN’T see on it (obviously we didn’t have a seat number, as we didn’t have a ticket!), and told him that letter and number. He was flummoxed, and after a long drawn out search of the map he decided that he couldn’t find it. We told him not to worry and we’d find it ourselves. He went away looking confused!

We went back to the aisle where we were standing, and saw the rest of the concert. To be honest (it’s 34 years ago now) the thing i remember most was that the guitarist’s hands were moving so fast they were leaving trails of impressions of his fingers in the air. I found out later (threw a LOT of experience)that this is a normal (normal!) side-effect of taking acid. But i do know that i absolutely loved the concert, with my favourite band ever, and i will never experience a night like it again in my life.

The acid seemed to last forever, and i was amazed that something that small (and just 50p!) could give such a brilliant experience for such a long time. I don’t remember the journey home, but i do remember my mother waiting up for us. We got back around one in the morning, and she was watching golf (!!) on the telly, so i knew she was just worried about me.

Me and Alain were both still seriously out of our heads, and i was paranoid that Alain would be acting weird and my mother would know we had been taking drugs, so i kept giving him withering looks if he said anything at all, and I was getting more and more paranoid.

The strange thing was that i was probably the one that she thought was weird. I kept saying “there’s something wrong with the colour”, and kept getting up and playing with the colour button on the TV. I thought the green of the grass at the golf course was all wrong, and tried to adjust it to get it “just right”. When my mum finally went to bed i remember complaining to my friend that it was SO obvious he was tripping, and he just kept laughing at me. I think i know why now!

We went up to my room afterwards and i spent the next hour just listening to one Led Zeppelin track called “The Angels of Babylon”, which is tracks of acoustic guitars and various voices all overlaid on top of each other. I could hear each and every single voice on the song, and was entranced by the beauty of the song, and the night. I think, that night, i really decided that life was something so precious that i was determined to enjoy every single day of my life.

I really have to ask my mum if she remembers that night before it’s too late (she’s 78 now, but still going strong). I, for one, will never ever forget it!

Are Lottery Systems A Scam

The legalization of the lottery has we know it today occurred about 20 years ago. Since then, people started selling systems to show you how to beat it.

Many people honestly think that someone is going to sell them a system to win the lottery for $29.95? That’s a samall amount compared to what you can win playing the lottery. Thus, my question is do you really expect to win the lottery playing one of these systems? Hopefully, I will give you my opinion in this article.

All the lottery systems work this way: The systems have you track the numbers that have come up over the last six months and have you play the numbers that came up the most. This sounds great in theory, but does it work?

People selling these systems would have you believe that certain balls in the hopper are going to come up more often. That may be true, but the problem is that the variances are extremely small. In addition, the people selling these state lottery systems also have you believe that the lottery equipment is not always working properly.

If winning the lottery was just a matter of mathematics and simple number tracking, don’t you think that every mathematician would have won it? The lottery is more than statistics, it plain simple luck in my opinion. Besides, lottery equipment is probably the most tested, watched and inspected machinery in the world. Especially, when you consider that most state lottories today have millions riding on the outcome. You can bet they are going to make sure that everything is working properly.

Remember that the odds of winning, for example, the MegaBall jackpot is very remote. When they have a MegaBall Jackpot, you have a better chance of being hit by lightning three times than winning the Jackpot. I don’t like those odds.

Yet, many people buy lottery systems in the hope of winning the big one!

About the author:

Richard provides articles and information about gambling on his site at http://www.24-7wagering.com

Gambling Superstitions – Don’t get Your Panties in a Knot!

I once heard about a woman who always wears the same underwear when she goes out to gamble – the friend that told me about this lady also said that it wasn’t too clear whether she ever washed the pair since the taxi drivers outside the Vegas casino she played at had all taken vows never to drive her again. I won’t discuss how he found out about her habits and superstitions, but let’s just say that he had gotten to know her better than most of us would like to.

Many people, and not only those that participate in gambling, have their respective superstitions. The great American basketball player Michael Jordan was known for always wearing his North Carolina college shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck. There was also a great television commentator who would never conduct his soccer commentaries without the aid of his special knife – it is said that a miniature, almost toy-like pocket stiletto, was given to him as a present by the greatest footballer of all time, Pele. Needless to say, since the introduction of metal detectors at most world stadiums, it has become near impossible for the same commentator to enter the commentary booths and today much rather prefers to perform his passion from the studio.

Since I have lately been thinking greatly about some superstitious, mind-bogglers, told to me by many gamblers, I have decided to share some of them with you. These may seem a little far-fetched – I myself cannot figure out whether they are true or simply just old wives tales told within the gambling community. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the read.

Ahead of the game

Apparently, somewhere in a Californian jail resides an ex-online casino player who is known for unplugging his computer directly from the wall socket every time he made a substantial win. When asked why, he responded that ridding computers of their bad energy is essential if one wishes to be a successful online gambler. He also confessed that he has demolished a number of computers because of the practice. The man was arrested and prosecuted when the police found his neighbor’s severed head in the trunk of his pickup.

Boil them Coolers

In Vegas lived a perspiring, overweight woman who believed reverentially in casino Coolers. For those who don’t know, Coolers are individuals hired by casino managers, and sometimes the casino owners themselves, to bring bad luck to players. Somehow inherently possessing heaps of misfortune, these people are rushed to ‘hot-tables’ where patrons are doing better than the casino would like them to, and so, by some unexplained phenomenon, the payer’s luck turns instantaneously rotten. Hocus-pocus you may say? Perhaps …

Looking very suspect, whilst sitting at a blackjack table in a well known Vegas casino, the woman in question began wincing profusely: a sweltering puddle of water rapidly accumulated beneath her footwear and many of the other players at the table began asking her what the hell was going on; some of them thinking she was about to give birth. Shunning a response, the woman acted oblivious to the sodden affair. Soon after security arrived, they discovered that the woman had taped a number of boiling water-bottles to her torso, thighs and upper-arms. Later in the hospital, whilst treated for second degree burns to her left thigh, the woman said that one of the water bottles had unexpectedly punctured, but she didn’t want to tell anyone because she was ashamed to admit her superstition. “Just trying to beat them damn Coolers, that’s all,” said the woman when questioned about the peculiar incident.

Backdoor Breakers

This particular superstition is quite an old one: it has been told for years, and I for one completely believe in it – I know of people who have tried to pull this off on many occasions.

A great number of casino players believe that walking through a casino’s main entrance is bad luck. These people go through great lengths to make sure that they enter casinos via alternative entrances. Since most avid gamblers make friends with staff members at casinos they often get a helping hand; they are let in through casino kitchens, or security entrances, which as far as managements are concerned constitutes for a serious breaches in security. Since casino security is not as lax as it used to be, players who have problems coming in through the main entrance have recently found the going tough.

But it wasn’t until 2009 that a 45 year old man attempted to abseil into a casino located on the 12th floor of a well known building in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. The man saw the perfect opportunity when he spotted that one of the casino’s windows was wide open. Known for his rock-climbing talents, the man attached a karabiner to the top of the building and courageously abseiled down. He however dismally missed his marker and entered a room two floors up where a gang was conducting a drug deal. Thinking that they were slap bang in middle of a police raid, the gangsters fled the room leaving the man with close to 2 million dollars in cash, and all the drugs to last Hollywood for a week. Talk about a Casino Bonus.

In this case superstitions worked for the gambler and not against him.