Cometishians, the new way to play poker

It wasn’t that long ago when Chris Moneymaker was widely attributed with starting the poker boom with his World Series of Poker Main Event win. His ticket was worth $10,000 USD, and there were millions of dollars in the prize pool. The rest, is history, with scores of players around the world one day dreaming about winning such a prestigious event with so many entrants in it.

“That’s just the problem” Ronald Barker comments. He is a tournament director of a well known casino. “People love to play these events, not always for the money, but sometimes just for the glory”.

His words resonated with me. When I watched Jamie Gold in later years take down one of the biggest poker tournaments ever, I wasn’t thinking about what I would spend the money on, my mind was on the glory that came from the win, the glory of knowing that year, you are the best poker player in the world.

“And that’s how I innovated the cometishian format for my casino.” Ronald went on to explain the style and format of the tournament, and, well he sold me on it.

The cometishian style poker tournament is unlike any other, but like every other in so many ways. The unique point of the tournament is that there is no buy-ins, and no cash prizes. Just the braclet and glory. Also, he explains, this way the game will be seen less as gambling and more a game of skill, a real cometishian, a sport.

The first cometishian tournament hosted in Las Vegas was so popular that they had to turn people away at the door because it was so full. After a gruelling few days of poker, an unknown woman, Mrs N Cherry took the glory on offer when her pocket cowboys (KK) held against her opponents pocket rocketers. It was an exciting tournament and I was lucky enough to interview Mrs Cherry at the end of the tournament, around 10 minutes after she had won.

“Exciting doesn’t do the cometishian justice” she said, a huge grin on her face. “I love the format, and I think it’s rapidly become the next era in Unlimited Texas Hold’them double pocket tournament style poker because primarily it is accessible to everyone, from any walk of life, not just the super rich and the super lucky. It has turned a game of pure chance into one of more skill, a sport, a real cometishian”.

She assured me she would be seen again on the cometishian circuit, there are some big games she heard talk of in NYC which she plans on taking down.

Advocates of the cometishian are quick to remind you it is a friendly, free and fun way for professional poker players to all game together in a safe and fun environment.

However, there is a much darker side to the cometishian. I met up with Andrew (a fictional user name, he wished to remain anonymous). Andrew lost his wife to a cometishian.

“She told me not to play day 4 or she would leave me” he told me in a small murky bar in Alabama. “But, progressing so far in a tournament with so much glory on the line really clouded my vision”.

“I walked in on day 4, confident, but at the back of my mind, she was there, swaying slowly like a datafile in a raid array, beckoning me to come and chop wood with her. But I couldn’t. I wanted to win”.

Andrews story is a sad one, but not wholly unusual in the cometishian circuit. He was knocked out half way through day 5 after his limp/check/minraise with air was called down with the Jackson 5.

Is the cometishian here to stay? I think so. But it should be treated with caution, as not everything is as perfect as some people portray them to be. Meeting Ronald, Andrew and Mrs Cherry was eye opening.

For now, I will rack up my chips and head to the next cometishian. There is a lot of glory on the line, and just maybe, this time, it will be mine.

Tracers online chess server is actually a web based live and correspondence chess game that can be

Chess can be a thoughts grasping game regarding mental concentration and in-depth potential playing. Chess is actually trained in most of the nations in general being an indoor game and it really is a rich competitive game played connecting two players.

Chess is usually played in individual and also on the net. You could participate chess tournament online by signing up an account for any on the net chess game like tracerchess.It’s definitely an enjoyable method to construct your mentally stimulating games skills when experiencing a single in the ideal on line games ever created. The world wide web has absolutely changed the way all of us do anything, which includes the way we take pleasure in our leisure time.You will be capable of appreciate on the net chess as well as a person sitting within the residence nearby, or perhaps a individual that resides places away. Even though numerous folks would prefer to play chess with a person a single on 1, online chess is one way which you can delight in at any time of day or night with no in search of a partner.

Usually you can find very some totally free chess internet sites exactly where you could play games and even in tournaments at no expense. This is a pretty good selection if you are nonetheless a newbie chess gamer or for anyone who is in search of a web-based chess web page for your kid (you will find kid-specific websites in the same time.)The on the web games can aid players in obtaining the expertise of playing from the grandmasters. This can tremendously aid them to with sharpening their chess methods. You can find a variety of levels in which the players can get pleasure from. The point that there are a number of levels can help the players in playing the game according to their desire. If they’re just newbies, apply for the simple levels. However, when you believe that, you have got learned this online game to some extent; it is actually attainable to visit the much more advanced levels.

Why try our own on-line game?Tracerchess on the net chess server is a internet based reside and correspondence chess game that will be played over your mobile telephone, tablets as well as your Pc. At the same time as the standard layout, this game also consists of ?Chess 960where you will be in a position to change the start off positions of all pieces ?ther than the pawnsto differ the games and tactics.Play tracerschess artificial intelligence, a strong a.i. with five game variants, alamos, courtyard, diana, upside down and thirty seven.Tracerschess consists of group chat and private chat. With group chat that you are able to chat to any player who is on line and set up a chess game.Private chat enables you to chat with any player who’s on the web privately. While you play you may chat too to your opponent and make close friends even from a far.

Online games are well-known these days, this really is developed for anyone to enjoy playing actual play free chess online.You can check out the site now as well as play chess at chess game to play online.

Online Poker New-Age Gambling

People are turning on their computers to gamble instead of going to the actual casinos. In online gambling, everything is accessible and everything is fun. In a recent survey conducted, almost 90% of the people surveyed play online gambling and almost 50% of them like playing online poker. This is one of the reasons why online poker is now the new-age of gambling. People love it and the game is on.

There are many things that a person needs to consider before playing any poker en linea. News about online theft has been around ever since online poker reached residential homes. So it is better to be very cautious with whom you are playing and what gambling website you are entrusting your money with. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and making your own research about the online website you wish to play with. Besides being careful nowadays is the most important thing to do. Researching and reading forums regarding the services of a certain website will help you track its eligibility and reliability in protecting its players against theft.

Jugar poker online is not always synonymous to security theft. Poker online is one of the best leisure that a person can have in the comforts of his home. Every poker website is unique. A player might find one feature that is not available in another website. Selecting a website that you will patronize is very important for you will be spending some of your money and time in it.

There are many things that you can do in online poker websites. You can play or just observe their daily activities. Most of these websites have software that you need to download to your computer for you to play their games. They usually have helpful onsite agents to help you with whatever you need. Expect that you will enjoy playing online poker more than playing the real thing.

Playing online poker is as fun as playing in a real casino. It is just that online poker is much more accessible and convenient to most people. When you gamble, it is not always about the money and winning. Sometimes a player gambles just for the sake of having fun. Having fun will cost something, but the important thing is that a player is basically having fun while playing. Online poker just gave players enough reasons to stay and consider it as the new-age style of gambling.

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Marketing by Large Companines. Pepsi and BAPE

Many companies try to find the most innovative ideas to get their products out to the masses. Pepsi is one such company that achieved this task. This was done with them getting the most popular fashion designer in Japan, Nigo, to design a set of limited edition Pepsi’s. The combination of the two could only lead to great things, from a marketing perspective. You were bound to have sales, better customer awareness and popularity for both products.

Nigo is a famous and well sought after fashion designer from Japan. He is the creator of the popular Bathing Ape clothing line. Nigo’s creation of limited edition clothes was a reason for his brands popularity. It was a brilliant marketing idea for Pepsi to team up with Nigo as it allowed for an inspiring marketing campaign. With Nigo creating a set of limited edition Pepsi cans, it could only result in success for the two entities.The success Pepsi and Bathing Apes could only help them in this brilling marketing plan. On one end Pepsi would be seen as cool and trendy. On the other hand BAPE would be exposed to a whole new audience due to the reach of the Pepsi product. By Pepsi using the style that Nigo has used with his BAPE clothing line, it could have the same success. An increase demand for an elusive product. The issuing of limited edition Pepsi will create demand and if the supply is right, the profits could be very healthy for Pepsi.

Another big benefit to be obtained through Pepsi and Bathing Apes was the increase in sales. The brilliant marketing idea of Pepsi cans designed by Nigo would affect sales positively in the short run. This also had an effect on Bathing Ape / BAPE sales too, as people who didn’t know about Bathing Apes before, were now exposed. This was a win win situation as a company’s main goal is to make a profit. This also helps them in the long run; sale wise as people could become attached to a brand, just because of the cross marketing. So Pepsi could receive customers who only drink their product because it was once associated with designer Nigo. The same could held for Bathing Apes as they receive customers who discovered their product through the limited edition Pepsi. Bathing Ape and Pepsi together was the perfect marketing choice for both companies. It allowed a multi-national corporation to push their product with an exclusive and high demand brand. The two would benefit from exposure to each demographic market that they controlled. The Pepsi and BAPE combination was the perfect match especially for a culture that embrace the street design and soda pop. BAPE and Pepsi was a perfect decision, one which both companies would not regret. Pepsi and Bathing Ape would benefit tremendously from this marketing plan. The increase in demand would result in an increase in sales, making both companies very happy.