Beginner Chess Strategies Means Letting Go Of Quick Chess Strategies

I have lost count of the number of times that someone came up to me wondering why their supposed foolproof openings failed so spectacularly. There are several reasons why developing beginner chess strategies should be about more than memorising a few moves. Most important amongst these are:

* Most experienced players are all too familiar with every set of ‘killer moves’ that you plan on throwing on them and already have good solid strategies to counter them in place.

* If all your efforts go into trying to get things over quickly you are definitely not planning for the ‘long haul’. What will you do if your ‘bold’ opening moves fail to deliver? The answer to that question should not be too hard to figure out. The more experienced player will simply capitalise on your rash opening moves and wipe you from the board.

It is very important, in light of this, that beginner players realise that the first question to ask should not be “How can I learn quick chess strategies?”, but rather “How can I grow into a well rounded, competent player?” The last question may sometimes take a lifetime to answer, but finding that answer may very well be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you have ever done.

It is impossible to show you the complete roadmap to becoming a well rounded player in a single article. I can however, sketch the briefest outlines of how you can make your ‘time in black and white’ something to be proud of!

As a complete beginner you should work towards steady improvement in the following areas:

* Work on your understanding of basic chess rules: This may seem so obvious as to border on the ridiculous but it is a fact that most beginners shoot themselves in the foot by having an incomplete or inadequate understanding of the rules of the game.

* Improve your tactical skills: Chess is a game of strategy and tactics. One of your top priorities should therefore be to improve your tactical skills. There are several ways to doing this but one of the most important among them is to study at the feet of the masters. A big part of the training of military strategists is to study great battles of the past. Doing the same on the chess board can, over time, turn you into a vastly better player.

* Develop solid strategies for opening play: One of the biggest mistakes that novices make is to rely on the same tired moves in the hope that they will deliver the knockout blow. Replacing this with solid, well thought out, strategies will pay off in the form of setting you up for some truly great contests.

* Work on your end game: Many a chess game have been lost because the player did not know how to end well. Research the endings of great games to ensure that this statement cannot be made about you.

So many people think that acquiring good beginner chess strategies is like learning to sprint. It is, in fact, more akin to taking the first steps in a marathon. You should therefore make sure that you pace yourself for the race. I can’t assure you that it will be easy and quick. I can assure you however that it will be exciting and very fulfilling.

To your success in black and white!

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Casino Rodrigues’ Palace Of Tears

When P’tit Monaco Casino opened its doors recently, Rodrigues got its first taste of legalized gambling compliments of the government. According to its owner, (Lexpress Rod Sept 12) the casino which employs ten Rodriguans has since attracted loads of punters (mostly tourists) to the green felt, fuelled a mini-boom for the precinct’s traders, and given Port Mathurin’s idle nights a new lease of life. He goes on to say that the casino is primarily a place of relaxation, where Rodriguans can bring the family to bet in moderation and, um, to help punters better control their wagers, the premises will be temporarily booze-free.

Sounds good, but be that as it may, for those Rodriguans who have always had it drilled into them that gambling was illegal and immoral, this must come as a bit of a culture shock. At the risk of being branded a killjoy, it’s important enough to highlight the difference between private poker games and full-blown casino gambling. The former is played privately, more or less among friends and occasionally at funerals, a Rodriguan tradition which the authorities sometimes tolerate and rightly so. The latter is State sanctioned gambling accepted as a legitimate business, which draws in and dazzles the mums and dads who had never gambled before, while kids wait impatiently in the wings to be of legal age, all agog to don their Sunday-best, so they too, can try their hand at the roulette table. After all, it’s legal. Hence, with a stroke of a pen, the State blurs the line between what society tolerates and what it accepts.

To presume that casino gambling will benefit Rodrigues requires the willing suspension of disbelief. Let’s take stock. First of all, one would have to be blind to the blight of gambling related crimes, marriage breakdowns, suicides, gangsterism, money laundering, prostitution, and corruption of government officials and law enforcement officers, which follows casinos everywhere; then, be doubly-blind to all the blood and guts evidence, which graphically depict the deleterious impact this scourge has had on small communities such as ours and, moreover, talk oneself into believing that a lopsided deal where ten are employed to sting ten thousand for one private pocket so that the State can rake in part of the blood money, is fair and based on reason. Given Rodrigues’ impoverished state, it’s tantamount to taxing poverty itself (tire la kaniotte lor la misere).

In another life, when a social conscience still mitigated the excesses of greed, some governments, Mauritius and the Seychelles included, tried to shield their residents from the ravages of casino gambling, by restricting entry and, in some cases, admitting only holders of foreign passports. But unfortunately, when nave cashed-up tourists and budget-constrained backpackers didn’t flock to casinos in droves, all bets were off, all restrictions quickly lifted, and the doors thrown wide-open to the locals. Today, though still politically inconvenient to acknowledge, it’s an open secret that local residents and chronic gamblers are the bread and butter of casinos worldwide with few exceptions.

Of late, it seems that all the rehashed, monkey-see monkey-do, punch-drunk versions of tried-and-failed policies, have all rolled up to the revisionist laboratory of Rodrigues, for another makeover like raggedy old dogs from the past returning to their own vomit.
Here, in wacky social experiments with our people as the Guinea pigs the fantasies of the few override the realities of the many; here, self-styled fiscal gurus still hope against hope that tourists will bypass Bellagio, Mandarin Oriental, Baden-Baden, and Sun City casinos, board two or more planes, and swap Euros and Dollars for Rupees to spread on the tables of a gambling den cum gaming and entertainment complex, in Port Mathurin.

Admittedly, in a world of spin, we get startled by the truth, but here, we’re not talking rocket science we’re talking G-a-m-b-l-i-n-g. One must lose for another to win. Similarly, for casinos to win, the people must lose and lose consistently. So, for casinos to survive, they must burn punters, and if not tourists, then who? No prizes for guessing.

The ruling MR party (Mouvement Rodriguais) contends, and obviously the Prime Minister, whose veto would have scuttled the licence, agrees, that legal gambling will boost the Rodriguan economy. If that’s the case, then why not set up a (Rodrigues specific) regulatory gaming authority and, allow suitable Rodriguan clubs and local charitable organisations, to run small gambling houses which could then be taxed? Why impose a grotesque government monopoly? And, if niggling reservations remain, then, why is the government getting involved in this at all? More disturbingly, casino apart, the unleashing of poker machines (the crack cocaine of gambling) on a population on the breadline, is at best bizarre. But to give the green light, without any apparent safety net, without any socio environmental impact study, without any contingency plan to cope with the fallout, without bipartisan support and, despite the increasingly strident objections of neighbouring shopkeepers and community leaders beggars belief. Here’s the thing, the social devastation that those appallingly addictive, mind-numbing machines wreak on residents is painstakingly documented, in excruciating details, everywhere one cares to look. What they’ll bring to the lives of Rodriguans, I suspect, the trembling wives of desperate, starry-eyed gamblers, with less and less to put on the dinner table, will tell us soon enough.

MR and casino apologists rationalize that since Rodriguans were gambling illegally anyway, it was logical to license a casino which the State could subsequently tax. Dear reader, if we go along with this line of reasoning, then, as some Rodriguans already smoke ganja, should the State sanction and tax a Ganja House? And, since some tourists already go the beach in a state of undress, it follows that the State could quite reasonably endorse a nude beach on l’ile aux fou that doubles as an open-air bordello. Once we begin to defend the indefensible, the opportunities are endless.

While still in the Twilight Zone’, with 150,000 Rupees in Australia, you could get a greyhound that can’t run or, get a funeral director to bury you on the cheap or, get yourself a good Plasma TV or, psst, you could come to Rodrigues, where, for the same amount annually you get a licence to run a casino, smack bang in the middle of town. Cripes, even old Judas would have had the good sense to hold out for more

Frustrated gamblers on the end of a particularly bad losing streak, often use the flippant expression I’m doin’ my life’ to describe their luck; hopefully, Rodriguans in the same boat, won’t do theirs literally, when the house of dreams turns into the palace of tears.

Alain Leveque

Affordable Web Design – Tips on Looking for an Affordable Web Design

With the steady rise of Internet today, most people can’t get enough of this technological phenomenon. Whether you have to check your notifications on Facebook, drop a line or two on Twitter, chronicle your daily life on WordPress or just simply check out Youtube celebrities doing what they do best, Internet has a role to play in the society.

But apparently, it’s not just the consumers who capitalize on the benefits in cyberspace – businessmen have actually joined the bandwagon as well! As a cost-friendly avenue to advertise their products and services, the movers and shakers in any kind of industries have let the Internet sweep them off their feet. From online pharmacies to clothes and accessories, the producers have also learned how to broaden their market electronically. They have applied the traditional ways of marketing and promotions online. They’ve got the high-quality products covered. They now have an idea to how make the money mill roll.

However, without the delightful visual presentation online, everything seems to blur into the background. So, as a businessman, you and your products have to give your prospective business partners and customers a good impression. It’s like going out on a date – you still have to put your best foot forward. But, how? Bring your A-game to the Internet with affordable web designs that can rock everyone’s socks! Here are some nuggets that are yours for taking:

1.Simplicity is beauty. Remember to make everything simple – from sidebars to the content. People always like looking at clean yet nicely done graphics and web layout. Overdone layouts sometimes destroy the structure of site navigation. Hence, they may even push your visitors away since they can hurt their eyes or even boggle their heads a wee bit. So, just put the important details people need to know when it comes to your products. Otherwise, if the situation calls for it, you can just use a site map or put the other details on attractive images. You don’t have to cramp everything in a page after all. But you have to keep the site user-friendly nevertheless. Try going for a minimalist feel for starters.

2.But, feel free to be artsy still. Fine, this may contradict the first tip. But, being simple is different from being bland. An affordable web design, no matter how cheap it is, should still give a vibrant feel to the webpage. Feel free to explore the benefits of flash web design: the moving graphics, fonts, background music, styling effects, etc. It helps your texts, images and everything else come to life. But, make sure to put everything in sync – use elements like clear fonts and a good color motif that can complement the site. Keep in mind that it also pays off to see an incredible yet affordable web design to sustain the visitors’ attention and later, make them buy your bestsellers!

3.Color Tone Down. Colors play an important role in web designs. They add hue and verve to the site as a whole. You don’t have to include all the colors you can find on the color wheel. Settle for monochromatic colors. Or, you can apply complimentary colors to get a good color combination for the site design.

Quality doesn’t have to be expensive. With a good eye for spotting the above-mentioned pointers on a single affordable web design, then the green light’s now staring at you. Start scouring for that affordable web design today and make your products a cut above the rest at

A Chess Set Glass Distinguishes Itself By Creating A More Classy Picture

The materials and the design of chess sets vary from the most simple and modest ones to very elaborate and sophisticated others, and we can also imagine that the price climbs up accordingly. There is a huge cost difference from the cardboard and plastic chest set you can buy in toy shops to the chess set glass made that could be found in special stores or ordered on the Internet.

With the usage of glass for the manufacturing of chess sets, once again we have the proof of what a versatile material glass is. It adds up to the quality and the design of the game items, even allowing for artistic decorations; such exquisite elements can only be to the liking of a big chess fan or collector.

Some designers had very interesting, yet unusual, ideas; this is the case of the chess set glass made that is used for shots drinking. All the pieces consist of glasses of various sizes half-filled with alcohol; all the rules of chess are applicable here as well, with the additional one that every time you capture an opponent’s piece you have to drink its content.

You may choose the color of such a chess set glass made and offer it as an excellent and funny gift to someone who loves chess. It is both an original and very interesting way of congratulating a friend of a dear one in your family: father, brother and so on.

Furthermore, if you search the market for an even more special chess set glass made, bright colored ones may easily get your attention. There are models designed in the rainbow colors, the only difference in the players’ pieces is that some are made of clear glass and others of frosted glass.

It is not uncommon to use a chess set glass made as a decorative object as well; the most exquisite models in the field are actually true masterpieces of ingenuity and execution. There are even auctions where some of the oldest and most valuable glass chess sets are sold for impressive sums of money only to be kept on display afterwards.

Consequently, we could definitely say that a chess set glass made distinguishes itself by creating a more classy picture than any other regular items in the categories. The chessboard is usually made of glass too, and the most popular model is the one with clear and frosted squares that is also transparent enough to let the light go through. The aesthetic effect is really amazing!

Muna wa Wanjiru is an Internet Marketing Expert and Has Been Researching and Reporting on Chess for Years. For More Information on Chess Set Glass, Visit His Site at CHESS SET GLASS