How to Successfully Advertise Online Within the Fashion Retail Industry

Online advertising within the fashion retail industry is bigger than it has ever been before. With all the different social media networks, blogs, article websites, picture posting and all the other resources out there, figuring out where and how to even start can be quite overwhelming so we will be covering a few basic ideas in order to successfully advertise your products online.

In some cases this can be true but for this particular case we are speaking in terms of product optimization, which is much more straightforward and organized than optimizing for an entire company with various types of product. This specific advertising also serves as a starting ground for a larger and more diverse company in the future.

Since we are specifically speaking in terms of fashion apparel and retail companies, let’s say you have just manufactured a pair of premium denim jeans that are similar to some of the most popular premium denim brands out there but you are able to offer them at a fraction of the cost. You could create a website and blog specifically targeting your premium denim jeans in order to get direct traffic from people searching those exact keywords. You could also create social accounts and post articles all targeting premium denim jeans. Make the online world of retail revolve around your product.

It is much easier to target a group of keywords relating to the same topic than it is to target a group of keywords that are scattered throughout a general category. All of this keyword targeting is a large part of how online retailers are successful that didn’t have any type of prior advertising. To make this thought more clear, let’s go back to premium denim jeans. If this same individual or company decided to go a different route and sell t-shirts, shoes, sweaters, shorts and watches on top of their jeans, they wouldn’t get the same results because they would be optimizing for clothing in general. Yes, they could after a considerable amount of time but nothing compared to the time frame of one particular product. Concentrating all your online advertising energy on one specific product creates success.

If you look at specialty brands that are successful it is because they have focused heavily on one particular product, which draws attention to their other products. Sticking with premium denim, look at brands like True Religion Brand Jeans, 7 For All Mankind or even Rock & Republic. They all initially started out with premium denim jeans and now they are known for their other apparel and accessories as well as their overall lifestyle.

This last topic of online advertising within the fashion industry is an article in itself so we are going to keep this short and to the point and save all the details for another day. Say you have already created a website with a blog, created an account with every social media network you can think of and have articles posted, press releases submitted and the whole nine yards but you still want more. Say hello to affiliate programs. There are many out there, some better than others, but pick a solid one like Commission Junction or Google Affiliate Network. This will allow you to submit your product catalog to thousands of people who then post your products on their websites to be sold. Yes, you have to give these people a commission, usually 5-15%, but the potential for spreading the word about your product is endless and could be one of the most effective ways to advertise online within the fashion industry.

Revealing Fundamental Issues Of Antivirus Computer Protection Coupons And Promotional Codes For Mcaf

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How To Set-Up A Computer Training Center For Students Of Higher Institutions


The use of computer as part of Information Technology has become an important tool used in aiding challenges of life in our daily activities both at home, schools or offices. Some individuals of present days are limited to the core values and ample opportunities of information technology available to them but are only concerned on using the computer for some ‘dubious’ internet purposes only. The world we live in is very dynamic in nature as new ideas, innovations and concepts of computer education are being introduced at all levels to solve human problems in all fields of endeavour.

The challenges being faced by fresh graduates with little or no requisite skills in computer knowledge always get disappointed as most employers seek for those talented graduates with computer skills. Some of the graduates leave the university without these skills despite the introduction of some relevant programmes in their schools. Without exaggerating, experiences have shown that graduates find it difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur without proficiency in computer appreciation/applications or inability to demonstrate their work efficiency in the latest information technology of the corporate world as an employee. The universities cum private organizations have to look inwards to provide the students not only with the theoretical aspect of learning but also with relevant skills in computer practical training sessions.

The essence of introducing the use of computer training practical to all students and lecturers of tertiary institution is to equip these young minds with the extra skills to meet up with the challenges of work during and after school life. Secondly, the programme also act as medium to prepare the students to be self employed with these computer skills and be an asset to the society they belong to. Therefore, all students especially the graduating students of these institutions should not be left out in this wonderful experience as we highlight the usefulness of this programme.


1. It empowers the students/graduates to be self employed with their relevant computer skills which would help to reduce unemployment.
2. Through these medium, the university/organization would have an equipped facility to run the programme from time to time.
3. It would also make our graduates sellable and the lecturers competent in their distinguished fields.
4. It would project the good image of the Institution or Organization.
5. Introducing the computer programme would generate revenue to the university or organization as the case may be.
6. On the part of the students, the training fees would be very affordable compare to outside prices.
7. In addition, this initiative would also help the government at all levels, realized their objectives in the ongoing National Skills and Acquisition Programme.


The aim of this programme is suggested to cover for all the students and interested lecturers of the institution to equip them with the basic practical skills of computer appreciation before and after their graduation which would be a continuous process within the complex.

Moreover, we intend to achieve the following objectives of this programme;

To improve on the general abilities of students and lecturers on the use of computer appreciation/applications.

To develop their typing skills and English grammar competence which aids them in their research and speech reports.

To learn basic mathematical and statistical functions that would be useful in presenting and analyzing their work data in tables and charts for greater understanding.

To know how to design and present information or reports using slides for seminar presentation or project defense which would aid both the lecturer and students.

To know how to use the internet for academic research, posting of journals or articles and electronic mails (e-mail) transfers.

It would act as an avenue for researchers and scholars to carry out their project/thesis research work online with useful results.


The training of the basic computer appreciation and application will include the following but not limited to;

Microsoft Word/Word Processing
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Outlook
Networking, Repairs & Maintenance
Internet Applications


The challenges of this programme may not be limited to the following;

Student’s commitment and awareness
Resource personnel
Adequate power supply
Other logistics:
– General awareness
– Learning materials
– Collection of registration fees
– Miscellaneous expenses, etc.


The period of the computer programme would cover for a period of one to two months for a particular set of participants depending on the arrangements during all first semesters of the academic sessions.


The organizers have to employ experienced instructors in specialized fields of IT who are very knowledgeable and skillful in training the students on the use of computer appreciation/applications. Also, the need to hire an Administrative Head and Accounts officer would be necessary for organization and accountability of the centre to run efficiently and effectively.


The venue of the computer programme should be situated at any of the university’s’ designated places. The computer centre must be equipped with standard Central Processing Units (CPU) with Desk top Monitors of minimum of 30 sets with installed split units to make the environment conducive for learning.


The management of the organization should create an affordable fixed fee for the students training (subject to review) in order to pull a large crowd. Also, there should be a separate fee for Registration, Identity cards and Learning materials for the participants.


It is important that the students, lecturers and institutions should take the training of computer appreciation very serious by improving their competence skills to enable them to stand out among their peers as the world is evolving through science and technology. Organizing a computer programme centre for the students would undoubtedly bridge the gap of computer appreciation and information technology deficiency among our youths in this part of the country as they face the challenges of the labour market after graduation and the capacity to interact with their compatriots in the outside world.

Finally, it is most valuable to introduce the computer appreciation training programme into the university curriculum for students generally especially those with study loans as we cannot leave our leaders of tomorrow behind as knowledge in Information Technology is highly beneficial.

Find Out The Importance Of Your Intelligence Quotient

Gray matter refers to components of the central nervous system. Its purpose is to send motor stimulus around the body to the brain. According to a number of studies and tests, the amount and location of gray matter tissue in the brain is closely linked to human intelligence. This was concluded after comparing the studies collecting structural images of the brain as well as IQ tests from the same people. It was found that those with more gray matter in certain areas of the brain received better scores on the IQ test. It was also found in a similar study that IQ scores are closely linked to the structure of the cortex.

IQ is defined as a general measure of a person’s intelligence by ranking them in comparison with all others. A regular IQ test is written with questions that test your short-term memory, verbal knowledge, spatial visualization, and perceptual speed. They are designed to test the speed at which you can react to confusing questions and then solve the problem. It is not directly aimed at testing general knowledge so as to test the depth of intelligence a person has. It is because of this that it can be criticized by some. Other methods that are believed more efficient at measuring intelligence are the ability to retain and apply knowledge. However a test such as this would be bias towards those with a greater education and practice in learning.

The personal importance of knowing your IQ test has always been high. This can be mainly due to the amount of positive attributes related to people with high IQ’s in society or maybe just due to curiosity. Studies have shown tendencies for people with higher IQ’s to have better job performance, higher incomes and more of a probability to achieve great things. This last attribute is skewed by the conclusion that those with lower IQ’s have more of a change of committing a criminal offense.

Since early days of IQ tests, which were over one hundred years ago, the average IQ score has been increasing by 3 points every decade. Although this may be because of improved education, many believe that modern education has been more and more directed at IQ. Inconclusive tests suggest that this may also be a result of improved diet and nutrition.

Probably the most beneficial way to improve your IQ score is to read. A big proportion of the test requires reading and comprehension and the best way to increase your speed in doing this is to read as much as possible. Another big part of the test is logic and problem solving. These skills can be improved by doing crosswords or by playing Sudoku, chess and other similar games. And as always, it is important to eat and exercise properly in order to give your body and brain strength. Unfortunately, the method that results in the most dramatic increase in IQ results is to age. It has become clear that as a person gets older their IQ tends to increase by about 10 points in some cases. This is unfortunate because we have no control over this. So the best way to improve IQ is to get older.

There are a number of ways to access these tests; however the easiest way nowadays is online. Normally it costs about $10 to take a test but I have found a website that provides a free test that is of good standard. So if you would like to know how intelligent you are compared to your friends and family, have a look at the link I have posted below.

Chess Prodigy Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

Chess prodigies are those children who play the game of chess so well, that at a very young age their skill levels matches with any chess master. The game of chess is one of the few sports where younger players can compete with adults on the same platform; so it is one of the few skills in which true child prodigies do exist. Expectations can be high for chess prodigies as some become world champions while others fail to make any progress with their age. Chess players spend most of the time in exploring chess strategies for improving their defenses and attacks. This article features one of such chess player- Magnus Carlsen.

Norway based, Magnus Carlsen, was born on 30 November 1990. He became a Grandmaster at the age of thirteen in the year 2004. That made him the third-youngest Grandmaster in history. His performance at the 2009 Nanjing Pearl Spring tournament has been described as one of his bests and lifted him to an Elo rating of 2801. This ranking made him the fifth chess player to achieve a rating over 2800 – and aged 18 years 10 months at that time, by far the youngest to do so. Carlsen is currently ranked at 2nd position.

He played his first chess tournament at the age of eight and was later coached by the country’s top player and chess coach, GM Agdestein. Carlsen proved himself as a chess master, as he finished at third position in the European Under-12 Boys Championship in the year 2003. On 1st January 2010 the new FIDE rating list was published, and at the age of nineteen, he became the youngest chess player in history to be ranked world’s number one, breaking the record previously held by Vladimir Kramnik.

Carlsen is not only a talented chess player, but also a growing-up young-man, with variety of interests, trying to have a life beyond the chess game. Playing and learning chess is not an obsession for Carlsen; he makes sure to have enough time between tournaments to go home in order to do other things, like hiking and skiing and playing football as well. Recently, Magnus ventured into modeling and fashion shoot for Dutch fashion brand G-Star Raw, along with the famous actress Liv Tyler, starring in the fashion week in New York in 2010.

About The Author:

Alex Rabinovich is an international Chess Master and a Software and Management Engineer. He has been a World Champion for High Schools in 1996 and has also got a 3rd place in Europe under 18 in 1996. He was a coach of Junior Israeli Olympic team.

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